Pimax, I really hope you succeed so people would move from crappy SDE. So please be careful not to ship to 5K and 8K to the wrong people

Probably a pointless post but seriously, you cannot afford any missteps.

If you get more VR channels to review your recent prototypes, I’m sure you will generate a great deal of interest. At the same time, I hope you will be able to handle the load.

Last thing. Please get a new UI interface for Piplay when you launch the 8K.


Piplay V2.0 in the works and soon expected be ready, it will be a whole new development from the old piplay 1.x, so dont worry :slight_smile:

The only big next step i can see with the Piplay UI would be to have its own in hmd vr launcher environment for Piplay direct content; as it would be great to launch Piplay content without removing the headset each time.

As for concerns on product mix ups with new mfg procedures in place from lessons learned. This is unlikely to have a repeat occurance of thst nature.

But still a great post on caring for the team’s sucess!