Pimax hmd vs DCS world discussion

I open this tread for people how want to chat about DCS with pimax


I fly f18 and a10
My spec is rysen 3900, rtx 2080 32g ram
I bought the 8k plus because i play 90% DCS and dcs is not 4k so for me spending 300$ us more for the native 4k isn’t necessary.
After playing with it for two weeks i can say my spec is the trick minimum tu enjoy it and still i have to sacrifice some setting. With my setting it very fluid no stuttering at all a low level. Ihave to lower the oversampling at 0.9 but even a that setting the quality is better then my sansung odyssey. I can easily read gage. But the small gage in the a10 i can’t read text without getting close. But i gave to make some tradeoff to keep the game without stuttering. Im waiting for the next gen videocard for next summer. With these im sure i will gave the best of both world

Hi @Alain
Do you use smart smoothing and what refresh rate?
I’m also thinking to get 8k+ for dcs.

I am interested to know what is the algorithm settings that Matthew Hines mentioned on fly sims.

Honestly, for DCS I would highly recommend the 8KX over the 8K+. The difference is quite big and if you really expect to read all gauges and feel the huge upgrade, 8KX is the only option.

8K+ is a nice headsed, but for simulators, 8KX makes all the difference. Trust me on this one.


Yes i use smart smoothing at 90hz

As of pimax advertising when you dont have a 4k signal the 8kx works as a 8kplus and dcs is not 4k so that why i have the 8k plus

What do you mean by DCS is not 4k ?

DCS can run in any resolution that you set it to.

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DCS is whatever resolution you want. It looks glorious at 4K on my 4K TV. That’s part of the reason I’m finding the transition to VR difficult.

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