Pimax helmet 100% game compatibility solution 小派头盔100%游戏兼容性方案

Pettitte helmet 100% game compatibility solution

Many feedback pettitte helmet part of the game, the picture overlap, especially some of the domestic game, there are some old version vr games, the games ratio is very low, about 2% of the whole, they try to open “compatible use parallel projection”, found that painting deteriorated a lot of, can’t play, these people tend to use one of the biggest Angle, graphics pressure is great, in this share tips, let the game can be run on image:

First, check “compatible with parallel projection”

Second, adjust the Angle of view for the minimum, the graphics card is good enough, can also be adjusted to ordinary, picture quality or not, adjust the minimum Angle of view

Then, adjust steamvr super sampling to automatic, saving a lot of trouble

Finally, restart the helmet, or restart the service, before entering the game

You will find that the picture quality is very good, although it can only run from a small perspective, it is only a 110 degree perspective. Like HTC, the game compatibility of pettitte’s helmet is now 100%

In addition, I found that after opening parallel, change the normal perspective, some past can not open the game can also play, is to open the second to return the kind of, if still not, you can open a small perspective, at the same time directly in pitool set picture quality, appropriately reduce the picture quality.

In addition, some games can set the picture quality inside, I found that in that game set high picture quality, the result is black screen, set medium picture quality can run normally, if not set low picture quality.

Anyway, several methods in accordance with the use of order, really can not be used together, so far I have not encountered a game can not open, and the overall picture quality is good.
In addition, after setting up, you must restart the helmet, otherwise the setting may fail












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