Pimax Hellp! I don’t know where to enter the gift code (((

Hello. Now on your site I won the code for the game NO MAN’s SKY, but I still don’t understand where to enter it, can you tell? Nothing came to the mail, I don’t know where to enter it (((This is what appears on the site on the right.

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I have invited @Matthew.Xu.

But at a guess try redeeming on steam with code. Did you purchase a 5k+?

That is, this code for buying Pimax and with these codes give a game as a gift?

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There’s some sort of timer at the bottom of the page

I am not sure tbh. But as Steam platform is primarily supported guessing game code will be a steam key code.

Hi Tom,

I have confirmed this with the team and I paste the campaign rules here:

  1. The In-Kind prize will take effect after you have ordered for the headset.
  2. Contact us to claim your Game/Accessory Prize with the coupon code you received.
  3. Canceled order will be disqualified
  4. The refund order will deduct the amount of the prize you received.
  5. Each one can only claim 1 prize(it will disqualified if you use any other coupons from other channels)

Thank you very much.

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And if I didn’t buy the Helmet on your site, but bought it from the other owner who issued it for himself upon purchase?

This campaign needs to be purchased on the official website. Thank you

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