Pimax Headset and Accessory Delivery Advisory

Pimax Headset and Accessory Delivery Advisory
May 11th , 2020

A recent surge in orders for Pimax headsets has caused us to reorganize our shipping schedule while we further increase production. Our logistic team is focusing on the deliveries plan, we gonna ensure you will receive your items / tracking number before the due date. So we hope you can be patient and remain calm on this.

5K Plus

For those who placed their 5K Plus order before May 1st the logistic team will fulfill the shipment prior to May 15th.

5K Plus orders placed after May 1st our team has arranged for fulfillments to occur prior to May 20th.

Pimax Store Announcement:

Due to the need to catch up to demand we are temporarily removing availability of the 5K Plus headset from our Pimax Store.
If you are interested in purchasing a 5K Plus headset please monitor the Pimax store for further information. We will release an updated announcement once we have increased production to satisfy demand.


We have slowly restored Artisan production but initially at too slow a pace to keep up with demand and had to restrict new Artisan sales. We have now further increased production and we are scheduled to restock the Artisan this week (Week of May 11th).

As a result we have sufficient numbers to once again allow Artisan orders to resume for the time being.

Comfort Kit

We are currently transferring fully packaged Comfort Kits that are ready for shipping to our Shanghai warehouse.
All existing unfulfilled orders are now able to be fulfilled within 14 days.

Index Bundle

Customers who ordered via any Upgrade Plan or FullKit Bundle via the Pimax store will be receiving their Bundle in 7 to 14 days.

KS Lighthouse Deliveries

Backers who have requested but have not receive d their lighthouse delivery our team is getting this issue resolved for you this week.
According to our records there are currently only 7 backers who have not received the ir lighthouse delivery.

Please double check your email (and spam folder) for emails from our support team. In some cases we are attempting to confirm your shipping address. Please kindly respond as soon as possible otherwise our support team cannot arrange your shipment.

Thank you.

Your Pimax Team.