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Hi I thought I’d make this thread as a general Pimax topic just to unclog the other specific threads.

Here we can talk about Pimax as a company, business models, future plans, marketing, speculation, YT streams or anything random that’s Pimax related.


The biggest topic atm is Crystal and we’re starting to see real people get units either the CES cast offs or tester units delivered. No one has yet received a final retail unit, boxed.

I guess Pimax are between a rock and a hard place with regards to Crystals readiness but areas where Crystal should be finished is the FOV and even this is proving controversial.

We’re seeing reports of lower FoV than previously stated by Pimax which is surprising. What’s more surprising to me is the fact Pimax could quite easily quash these reports with their own set of data, their own acknowledgement that this discrepancy needs investigating or a even admit these new figures are reality.

I understand it’s Chinese New Year and Shanghai employees might be on holiday but surely it’s not a stretch just to acknowledge the topic?

We know at least one employee visits this forum daily so I find the silence strange. Does Chinese New Year stretch to Florida?

Looking forward to more news and debates as more YT get units.


Sounds good just please keep it clean. No speculations of financials or implying using “fake accounts” to pad membership.

The Chinese testers did, no? I thought they were just normal paying customers so were meant to get the final retail box. That video @hammerhead_gal shared today certainly looked like a retail unit considering the packaging etc.

Yeah, the silence on that 5 days later is quite concerning.

Couldn’t agree more. I made a separate topic for it, considering the previous one got so heavily derailed, so hopefully we get some clarity there. Not trying to start a witch hunt or accuse Pimax of anything but I think getting a response here is completely reasonable.

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Two reps have been here now but nothing

It’s making me think that 103 is the real number, which honestly is fine by me as what I saw was good (perhaps the huge sweet spot acting as placebo). It’s just they really really can’t be advertising it as 125 horizontal when the reality is 103. If anything, I’m only being a stickler about this because I don’t want them to get into serious legal trouble, or have the whole product overshadowed by drama about false advertising.

If it’s actually 125 then happy days! Although what I saw definitely didn’t seem that large but I was still happy with it.

Keep in mind just because there here doesn’t mean they don’t need approval of members that might be on holidays.

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Then they could say ‘We’re here but we need approval from members that are are holiday’ lol

If they see the post sure. I am pretty sure for example that hammerhead_gal was just popping for a quick post.

I have at times discovered new topics that for some reason I missed. lol

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