Pimax Frontier day headset sneek peek

So apparently Pimax is not showing off their new headset on Pimax frontier but it’s just a sneak peek?

Don’t expect a full announcement just yet — Pimax says that Frontier will only feature a “sneak peek” of Reality and that CES 2022 will see the full “formal unveiling” of the new product. CES is the largest annual Western technology conference and the 2022 event is scheduled to take place on January 5-8, 2022 in Las Vegas.
From https://uploadvr.com/pimax-frontier-2021/

@PimaxQuorra It would be good if Pimax could show off the specifications of any new headset which may be discussed it revealed in the 25 October, otherwise it will be hard to build hype and to stay relevant if Varjo and Facebook reveal the specs of their devices in the 21st and 30th of October.

It’s no question Pimax will come up with something good but people might not be interested in taking about it as much if there’s no specifications revealed if there’s specifications to talk about for the new retina oculus headset and the Varjo consumer headset.


It contains a huge amount of information and detail about subjects discussed.


so no new headset this year… :wink:

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Pimax says that Frontier will only feature a “sneak peek” of Reality"

If that’s true, then it’s going to be a waste of time. Hopefully that article is wrong and they’ll just cough up the specs, so people can make a decision if they’re going to wait for this headset or buy the, tomorrow to-be-announed, consumer Varjo.

Would be weird if @Axacuatl was right all along with his predictions, while he got bashed by Pimax for them. Because that article really gives the impression his ‘fears’ will come true. Hopefully it’s wrong.


We‘ll see. If it is all road map and no near term product releases, it will of course take longer to assess if I was wrong or not in fearing that they won‘t walk the talk. And even if they present a working prototype in their show, we all remember that we saw working prototypes during the KS campaign too and yet it took significantly longer and the devices had their flaws when finally being delivered.

That‘s one of the core issues: I would be easily paying double the price for a headset from Varjo as compared to one from Pimax, even if they had identical specs. Varjo’s track record shows a high quality approach, while Pimax has a tendency to announce too soon, when the research is still premature, and aim too high without always spending sufficient efforts on securing quality of their solutions.


Honestly my prediction is that the article will be spot-on and that it will just be a ‘sneak peek’ with vague statements like “highest resolution ever in a pimax device” without telling us what the resolution actually will be. So, basically a waste of time.

Thing is of course that Varjo and Pimax will be directly competing for the same prosumer clients, of course with very different devices, but still, they’re fishing in the same pond for the same customers. So Pimax is hoping that some vague details will be enough to persuade clients to wait for the full CES reveal in 2022 (and then for god only knows how many months more for the release of the device)

I for one will NEVER EVER pre-order a Pimax device again. I’ve really learned my lesson there and won’t submit myself anymore to the horror that’s called Pimax preordering. However if it’s any good, I surely will end up buying it when you can get one from Amazon.


Not even through 2021 but im dreading my 2022 VR budget already. Ha


I might just switch to quest 3 and call it a day. I like how much polish in software a big company can provide.

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Keep in mind that you sell your sould to Facebook which isn’t a smart move


If something is in the works for $399 and high resolution and polish of the software, facebook can have a little bit of my soul. I’m not an important person :slightly_smiling_face:


Let’s wait and see. The Varjo is great, but I can’t go back to such a small FOV.
I do nothing but simulator play. Need that FOV!


Makes sense then :slight_smile:
Although you would see in sim racing the corners ahead of you way earlier with such a crispy device as the aero :slight_smile:

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When I posted this same excerpt from the UploadVR article 9 days ago, Kevin responded:

In 3 days we’ll know for sure.


That‘s the thing, isn‘t it: one the one hand, who is crazy enough to spend such amounts on a VR headset? Simmers would seem almost the main suspects. But on the other hand, as a simmer (MSFS, PJC2) I actually am not happy with the mediocre FoV. And neither with the lack of an integrated, good & comfy audio solution.

This is where it seems that they really just took their enterprise headset, removed a couple of elements to make it cheaper and bam, there‘s your consumer headset!
They didn‘t approach it from a customer, simmer perspective thinking of what these may wish for in a perfect headset - at least where that would have meant having to add anything the VR-3 didn‘t provide. So keeping R&D on it to a minimum. That‘s a pity, and the price is too high for me to really go for it, as it is not perfect.

If certain key games were to implement their SDK though, allowing for DFR in such games, that may sway my view - while still far from perfect, it would mean that I could crank up the settings in game drastically, whcih for the likes of MSFS would make a big difference, small FoV or not.


Well, I think Varjo has delivered a smart product. I’d be fine with using my own audio and the image quality will be awesome. But for my needs- flight sims and so on- I love the wide FOV. I hope the next generation Pimax maintains that in addition to any other leaps forward.


Yeah, the wide FOV is certainly hard to give up.


Please dont tell us you have a Iphone.
Since 20 years everyone is gathing everything about customers and stuff, I dont really understand why ppl are mad after FB after having sharing everything on this plateform.

I’ve got a one plus 8 pro :slightly_smiling_face:
I love apple products aswell though

Apparently each future Pimax headset is supposed to have built-in Tobii eye-tracking - they announced it when presenting their partnership. Good!

For us consumers/gamers it unfortunately only really becomes valuable if it is utilized by devs; same issue as the new Varjo Aero has.

For Pimax, if they are aiming more towards enterprise customers, it definitely makes sense.

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