Pimax forum showing as unsecure

pretty sure this site used to have site secure ? ! Not secure shown in window now ,i thought this stuff was only on main site

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This is because it is not using encryption - SSL (https)

Indeed, we can blame Google for that as they have implemented a new policy. If the site does not have a valid ssl and the site requires user details… I.e. Login to a forum, then you get site not secure error


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Yes because you practically transmit your password in plain text… Everybody in you network can read it with simple tools like ettercap…

Well it is a valid concern. Without https, any POST is basically plain text, and can be sniffed out from network traffic.

And its not like hard to get a https cert nor is it expensive, lets encrypt provides it free.


You name it :smiley:
But i was a second faster :smiley:


It is actually a good policy. We can blame server admins for being lazy about the security.


I made a post a few months ago to make some noise. But they still haven’t touched it. It’s quite annoying.
Give me 10 minutes and cpanel access and i’ll fix it for em. :stuck_out_tongue:

…then they got their front page hacked. You would have thought that was a BIG RED WARNING sign right there.

No excuses really.

@PimaxVR @Pimax-Support @deletedpimaxrep1 You guys just need to set up a cron job to validate and renew a LetsEncrypt certificate every 30 days. LE now supports wildcards as well for subdomains.

You are going to make @deletedpimaxrep1 sad, mispelling her name like that. :cry:

you saw nothing of the sort. :wink:






Looks like they took your advice. The pre-order page now uses Lets Encrypt authority.

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