Pimax Experience Steam VR per game profile settings

Sorry that I won’t be exact because I just remembered and I’m in bed.

So in PE you have a steamvr profile for every game. My settings I believe are 16k something then it’s TRUE and the last is 2500… Are those correct ? What setting should I have ? Thanks , and again sorry that I don’t remember the exact setting name or the correct value for the 16k.

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Perhaps repose the question with more concise information when not falling asleep.

I’ll add Martin to this conversation. He might be able to provide a more comprehensive answer to this question.


These are the settings I’m talking about.

I have a 13900k with a 4090… What settings should I have these

Why does your pimax experience look so much nicer than the crystal. Any luck getting this answered

Don’t remember if I took this picture or grabbed it from some where as an example of the settings I was talking about