Pimax Experience (latest) not working with PimaxVR anymore

a strange issue happened after trying to launch MSFS2020 with PimaxXR to bypass SteamVR:
MSFS2020 runs normally with the Pimax 8KX under Steam and with SteamVR.
Also with -only- OpenXR enabled.
But as soon as I started the programs with PimaxXR enabled (to bypass SteamVR), the headset shuts down and the led on the Pimax 8KX turns from bright solid green to a dimm red, image in the headset is total black. Also on the monitor I see that Pimax Experience is “off” now.
I already reinstalled a fresh copy of SteamVR, reinstalled Pimax Play (latest), also fresh install of PimaxVR and OpenVR and activation - but still no success.
What more can I try? Can someone give some ideas for a solution please? Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

:face_exhaling: looks like I’m on a dead end road …

Good morning,
for information, I stopped using Pimax Play on my 8KX because I had a lot of problems, I reinstalled pitool in version 1.0.1 284 with pimaxxr 0.3.4.
No more problems since.