PImax experience and games breaking?

Literally everytime I try playing games on my 8kx I start getting a seizure and the image starts lagging at 1fps and there are a million circles of the same images for infinity. cant really describe it. also when in pimax experience, all my steam games are white so I can’t tell which is which until I click them which is annoying.
Also I hate that I can’t have one profile for everygame, I have ot make a seperate profile just for my common one to be the same as all the games. Any help? I cant start any games without major lag , stutter, and low fps then it just freezes and gives me a seizure. Help


The next time you start a steamvr game go to the video settings screen and see what your render resolution is. I suspect that it is much too high for your system. For Pimax Experience sounds like you have a corrupted install and will need to reinstall it.


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Hi @B-Tech. If this happens every time you start a game, this sounds very odd and I suspect you have a serious problem with your configuration. The 1fps lag shouldn’t happen even if you were running a GPU like GTX 1050 and maxing out your Render Quality in PiTool. The framerate would be bad of course, but definitely not as bad as a 1fps slideshow.

Having in mind your second problem with blank/white thumbnails in PE, I suspect your PiTool application is crashing and therefore also resulting in the extremely low performance. We have discovered the problem a while ago, which is very rare and hard to reproduce. When it happens PiTool is still running but basically locks all game thumbnails (windows permission issue) and make them 0 kilobyte files. There is no way for PE to replace/re-import these thumbnails (even if we do have a script running in PE for this, in case a thumbnail is missing), because the files are locked and PE has no permission to change them.

These few times I have seen this issue, the performance also gets really bad (not 1fps bad, but still bad). The only way of fixing this is to killing PiTool.exe process and start it again. Upon startup (if all is ok) it will re-generate the thumbnails.

Anyway, this is a very rare issue and Ive seen it maybe 4 times so far. Every time this happened, was right after I moved/dragged PiTool window to my second monitor. PiTool instantly starts to behave weird and the result is described above.

I would recommend you to uninstall PiTool and uninstall PE. Your profiles will not be affected of course.
Run the PiTool uninstaller, and PE uninstaller (C:\Program Files\Pimax\PVRHome\Uninstall.exe), restart your PC and then install latest PE (together with latest compatible PiTool version), here:

If this doesn’t help, we will move on from there.

Also, before doing this, could you please export the PE logs and post them here (using pastebin.com). You can export the logs to your Windows Desktop by going to PE menu Customize and clicking on the button in the bottom “Export Logs”.



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