Pimax disconnect and led turn red

I have pimax glass and was working great for a month now, but today it keeps disconnecting and led turn red and then to blue and so on but the display keep empty.
Is there anything that could lead it to this situation?
NB: I have two pimax and same situation happens especially I kept using the glass for at least 12hours per day for a month now, it happens that when I reboot the computer to work great for a movie or two, but after that it disconnects and keeps switching blue and red led.

Hi, sorry for that, have you used a adapter / converter to connect the helmet to PC? Have you updated Piplay or other drivers recently?

I’m pleased to assist you remotely through Teamviewer software if you’re available. If you agree, please send ID & Password of Teamviewer to support@pimaxvr.com or pm “PIMAX-Support” in Forum.

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