Pimax Day 3 - Unanswered questions and undiscussed items

This is whats being worked on, I think we can expect at least a few of these after the first four which are confirmed.

What is confirmed as being worked on

What can be expected

  • Status on all accessories and oled versions.
  • Firm delivery dates for headsets and accessory.
  • Vewing distance adjustability bracket to reduce eyestrain and distortion and improve comfort. (Having regard to Pimax day 2 comments on new accessories/face foams with Valve Index’s adjustability)

If you have any outstanding questions for the future Pimax Day 3 stream leave them below for Pimax to answer @Matthew.Xu @PimaxVR

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Considering buying the X but want to know if there are any changes to the optics aside from screen utilization?


@Matthew.Xu Can @Davobkk’s question about new optics besides panel utilization improvements be addressed in the next livestream or Q&A panel? Many people would like to know this information.Thanks

A couple of questions that I still have :slight_smile:

  • What’s the status on the EU (Germany) Pimax office?
  • If I RMA a 5K+ right now, will I get one with the new housing back?
  • As a pre order backer I will get the MAS (right?) - I would also like the comfort kit. Can that be arranged in one delivery?

Why do we need 50 million days cant they just make blog posts?


They might as well do Day 3 to announce confirmation of shipping of headsets and to show off the abovementioned confirmed items which have not been showcased yet such as new lenses, new controller and tracking ring designs, along with the new Index styled comfort accessories and wireless accessory which was meant to be shown on Day 2

The simple upgrade as offered on the Pikmax page (let’s say simple 200$ backers discount) for the 8kx
may be the most interesting, as keeping the stretch goals is making it way easier to sell the old headset on eg. Ebay for a reasonable price.

Which was not covered, at least I didn’t get it:
What about the extra stuff that backers could pledge for?
-The extension cable (which won’t work with the 8kx) 70$
-Hand Tracking 100$ (seems still in the dark)

Is there any chance to add/distribute this money 1:1 for upgrade programm?

@Matthew.Xu @PimaxUSA @SweViver

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Dont forget the incorrect prices listed on the website…

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The longer cable and hand tracking will still be delivered to anyone to purchased them. There was some delay on the Leap Motion because they were purchased by Ultra Haptics and are now called ultraLeap. They are outside the scope of the stretch goals because they were direct purchase items.


Hi @PimaxUSA. I ordered a 10m cable two years ago but I really have no need for it anymore. Is it possible to cancel that direct purchase from 2 years ago that you never delivered?


Good to know Pimax has sighted this thead :+1:,
I hope the question summary posted above collated from around the forums and the summary of still undiscussed items which have been confirmed by Pimax provided in the original post in this thread is helpful to address the outstanding questions - which is reportedly incoming shortly in an update according to @PimaxUSA.

As per @PimaxUSA’s comments at the end of the Pimax day 2 stream, any unanswered questions posted on the forums will be noted to be answered very soon so you’ve asked in the right place and you’ll definitely find out soon @Pimel.

It is likely that PimaxUSA can’t comment on the issue of returning the 10m cable now without touching base with his superiors first to find out the official policy for that situation.


Another question - Why are the preorder prices on the preorder page not reflective of the prices shown on the Pimax Day 2 preorder plan slides?

It seems to be $100 more on the website compared to what was shown on the slides with no option to use the downgrade coupon to reduce the price further for those who downgraded from the 8K/8KX to the 5K+.


Bump for recognition


I hope my questions will not be forgotten too :slight_smile:

They also didn’t answer if the 8kX could work with a 2m extension cable or wireless IF in reduced FOV native mode OR upscaling mode, then they introduced two models of the MAS and made things even more confusing!


Yes I’d like to know the answer to the questions in this thread too @Matthew.Xu

I suppose we’ll get the answers soon, since @PimaxUSA posted in this thread Pimax has been made aware of all the burning questions posted here. @SweViver also posted this on the forums recently

Yes. This is a very important question. If it works wireless in upscaling mode would be a big plus that removes the main limitation.

I think maybe @PimaxVR reply can satisfy you. Thanks.

If I choose Upgrade Plan F, will I get both base stations and index controllers at once or seperately?

Hello @Matthew.Xu,

Thank you for the reply, could you indicate where/when @PimaxVR will be releasing a reply to the abovementioned questions and issues concerning the confirmed new optics which were not yet discussed?