Pimax Day 2 news insight (items Pimax has confirmed its working on but we have no information on yet)

This is whats being worked on, I think we can expect at least a few of these after the first four which are confirmed.

What is confirmed as being worked on

What can be expected

  • Status on all accessories and oled versions.
  • Firm delivery dates for headsets and accessory.
  • Vewing distance adjustability bracket to reduce eyestrain and distortion and improve comfort.

If we even get one or two of the additional items on the list it would be great, but if the new lenses are still fresnel it will be a letdown.


Whoa… thats a lot of info I wasnt aware of :no_mouth:


And that’s not all. Stay tuned.

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So did I miss something? Is there supposed to be somewhere i go to confirm the lighthouse shipping and order the index controllers? Also what’s the deal with the audio strap? Is it all going to arrive as one shipment?


No Pimax Day 2 hasn’t happened yet. I think @Matthew.Xu verified it will be Oct 29 for us in this hemisphere. :vulcan_salute:


If you need the comfort kit , then this is pointing to maybe the DAS is uncomfortable anyway, or why would you need it ?

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face shape - some people (e.g. with flatter faces) find the default foam comfortable, pointy faces need more padding

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I am always amazed by the amount of expectation people still have.
I think it would be best to wait until after the show is over :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s not unreasonable to expect or to want news about what has already been confirmed by Pimax representatives to be in development (the first
6 points in the op.) If Pimax doesn’t deliver on what they promised or confirmed to be working on the scrutiny is on them for misleading the community or false advertising at the worst.

The only “expectation” that has not been confirmed is something many on this forum have asked for, a piece of plastic bracket to be developed which would be free or $10-20 to allow for viewing distance adjustment, which should be open to consideration in light of all the complaints about eyestrain and distortion on the forums, and the many users reviews saying it can be almost eliminated by increasing/decreasing viewing distance closr or further from the lenses.

Pretty sure a piece of plastic wouldn’t be sufficient. If you move the whole headset, then you end up with light coming in the gap between your face and the headset. You’re proposing moving the entire face gasket, which isn’t (to my knowledge) designed as a single part, but rather an integral housing.

It’s possible the Vision Comfort Kit can be more precisely maneuvered, since it appears to be suction-cupped to your face. But that’s again not a “simple plastic part”. Do you have any sketches of how you think such a thing could be implemented?


I’m honestly not sure that will help. I think most of the distortions are caused by people’s eyes being too far from the lenses. I see no distortion and my eyes are as close as possible to the lens, without my eyelashes actually touching the lenses. If that’s the case, the headset itself needs to be redesigned somehow.


Yes that is my case too. I started with being close and had very little distortions. Unfortunately then my eyelashes come into contact with lenses, which got grease on them causing god rays and blurry image, so I had to clean lenses every 2 days or so. So I moved back away, I got lot more distortions (now noticeable also on Normal FoV) but I don’t need to clean my lenses all the time, which ultimately is more important.

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I had the same problem. I used to wash my eyelashes before playing VR, to minimize the grease buildup on the lenses. I’ve added a single layer of double-sided Velcro in between the face-mask and the headset, along the top edge. This adds 1-2 mm of thickness, which is enough for me to avoid the problem without increasing distortion.

You may want to add velcro on the sides and or bottom edges, but I didn’t need to. I used strips of ~5 cm with ~2 cm gaps, to allow for some airflow to reduce heat build up and add some ventilation. I play VR in a darkened room, so there’s not much light leakage.


Great solution @neal_white_iii , but its not the ideal solution as it requires a lot of time and thought towards modification.

Ease of use and comfortability would be improved, distortion and eye strain caused by distortion would be significantly reduced with an out of the box solution or accessory with a design which achieves all the modifications you suggested out of the box.

I’d like to know whether not the new lenses which have been hinted at by Sweviver above will reduce eye strain and distortion at all.

Why can we expect that? What Pimax representative said those were talking points in Pimax Day 2? Especially your points 3 and 4, which is just your interpretation based on your dislike for the designs shown off, seems weird they would confirm talking about those when they already talked about the controller being delayed until next summer.


Sure, but that may not be possible with the current headset design. If my experience is typical, increasing the headset distance more than ~1 mm introduces distortion. Therefor, a distance adjustment (with the current headset housing and lenses) is essentially useless.

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