Pimax cured my despersonalization disorder

I will explain it in a summary way.

Due to stress I was suffering from depersonalization (abstraction of reality from stress).

My Pimax, the eyestrain, and the Pitool correction controls have taught me better how the way I perceiving the world works.

When you have depersonalization I have discovered that I suffered from eyestrain in the real world, sometimes I had to close my eyes for hours.

You see the reality in 2D 360. And because I was doing experiments with Pitool and the vertical / horizontal IPD I have discovered that I can control the stereoscopy of my eyes in real life.

Today for the first time in months I have managed to recover the real 3D perception and take off my eyestrain in the real world. Even now I have the ability to move from seeing the world in 3D or as a 2D video in 360 in just seconds. I’m telling the doctor who was treating me and he’s freaking out, and we’re already thinking about how to create a VR app to cure depersonalization.

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That’s amazing! What a wonderful thing. Hopefully vr can be applied in many other medical conditions!


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I found that getting used to VR and getting over the motion sickness helped me the morning after a heavy session. Now when I wake up and the room is still spinning I don’t feel sick like I used to. This is not a joke and I’m not making light of your medical issues, I genuinely used to feel very ill if I woke up and the room was spinning, now it doesn’t bother me at all. I don’t drink regularly so I get drunk quite easily when I have a session.


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