Pimax Crystal Super


Now that the the Pimax Crystal Lite is in series production and hopefully selling like hotcakes, what is the status of the proposed Pimax Crystal Super? The Super was introduced together with the Lite originally, but then all has gone quiet.
Is Pimax still working on the Crystal Super with the enhanced panels?


From my understanding it’s under development, the Crystal Light was very interesting to test today :+1:


Am I to understand correctly that it’s basically a requirement to have controllers in order to do any setups with the Crystal Light? Even if you’re just going to use it sitting at your desk?

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No you don’t need vr controller.

If I’m using my Crystal with Xbox controller I just start my PC and launch Pimax Play/steamVR from desktop using keyboard/mouse. Can then launch an application from Steam library.

Yes, indeed! We’re also working on the Super. Expect more updates on the development progress soon!


Hi there!

I really hope that you will stick to the announcement and bring the Crystal Super to 130° hFOV and not below !


That indeed is even more important than the bump to the higher resolution. Actually I would even say the higher resolution would not necessarily be needed if there was no higher FoV because the PPD of the Crystal Light is pretty fine already - it just shouldn‘t be lower on the Super due to an increase of the FoV hence the bump in resolution is welcome.


The 35ppd and local dimming on my Crystal are just :kissing_heart:

earlier in VR Chat (Raindance immersive festival)

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