Pimax Crystal Super QLED, what audio system do it have defualt?

When you read in the description it says: High-quality audio experience. For me sounds like DMAS.
On Cyrstal light it says: Integrated.
On Crystal it says: Original off-ear speakers.

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I have voll ct d infor here

I would guess DMAS @PimaxQuorra ?

Here is an invite to Xrtropolis.one that will upgrade and add you to Planet Pimax group. Link is good for 10 uses if anyone wants to join. If you want to join & all 10 invites have been used let me know. This has advanced Help topics where the Op chooses best solution and uses a special template to help organize the Op post.

Ignore the Amazon Affiliates line. That is deactivated. Have to look into why that is still displaying in the link.

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All the promo videos had the little nub thingies…

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Ah so likely the new default audio. Would like to sample it. Though iirc it has some decent coverage iirc from th beta group.

Jojon can you checkout xrtropolis pimax help category and give me feedback?

Hmm, what sort of feedback are you looking for? (Not that I have have any qualifications to test/assess anything what so ever… :P)

…or did you mean you’d like to get some votes in the “tool or client” topic? (I have never tried the latter. :7)

At a cursory glance, I notice the category comes with a neat style and entry form, for the post that starts a thread… I assume there is a view filter somewhere, to go with the form fields, but I am not at all versed with the board, so I find myself lost – I did spot the “tags”, and “all/solved/unsolved” filters, though…

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The help topic primarily has a solved/unsolved

A poster can add tags.

But otherwise the form is used to help query for info to share. The feature is still pretty new and likely new options will be added. I will add more optional fields like computer config “cpu” GPU memory motherboard. 1 feedback I have received is to maybe add technical option for the multi choice help with.

This new feature can also be used for formatting official support help. Like say Tickets & other sales/after sales help in a specialized category where the Op can only see their topic and responses from a support group.

Anyone in a community is highly qualified to give feedbacks on user experience.

The voting topic was just a test of that plugin and is ATM disabled

It certainly looks like all the forum setups could fill up your entire day, all by their selves … :9

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Indeed they can. :joy:. The rebranding here was quite grueling.

Starting from scratch was definitely a challenge. With the people max help template added options to include cpu model and a checkbox if over clocked. Did the same for Gpu and added option for Motherboard and memory details.

Still alot more to create yet for Portal & other brands for the hw help topic

On the pimax side working on a specialized category using both solved & template. This specialized category will only let the Op see their own topic and in this case pimax support(Quorra)'s responses.

General goal is to create a very good user XP. But need feedback. Have an idea? I can look into it & see if doable. Community built for & by community.

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If I think of something, I’ll make sure to share it – I guess most wouldn’t-it-be-nice-es will present themselves as people uses it. :7

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Indeed it often happens.

Yes. DMAS.


Thx, that is a good chose of Pimax.

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