Pimax crystal (site update & marketing babble)

So here we go on a new website update for the Crystal on PIMAX.COM

  1. FOV :lying_face::question:

    I mean, is there some new lens that has better FoV that we can get?
    Or is that replacing the 35PPD ones?

    140Β° FoV = REALLY?

  2. FROM THE FUTURE! :crazy_face:

  3. STAND-ALONE! {Working at Purchase?} :worried::question:

    No mention of WiGIG or WiFi6 on main page or specs

  4. AUTO IPD! {Working at Purchase?} :worried::question:

  5. LENSES? {Shall we add this here guys just to be clear?} :crazy_face:

I mean. It’s all looking really promising.

Still unclear and nervous about: #s 1, 3, 4, 5

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So it seems the marketing team was not notified to fix the FoV numbers.

35ppd lenses Diagon FoV= 121 Actual HfoV=103 and VFoV=103

42ppd Lenses have to be less than 35ppd FoV values.

Seems like Pimax is repeating the mistakes of there WFoV hmds with inaccurate misleading info. Makes it look very bad as this info is already well publicised.

WiFi6 is standard but how well it will work atm is the question as it needs the battery to run in Tethered mode. Standalone might be premature for the same reason. Be interesting if in the short beta before shipping if these features will be demoed. Atm a guess Battery might last 2 hours.

It will be interesting indeed. Though the FoV numbers are already disappointing they have not corrected the incorrect info.

Number 10 in the pic is interesting they are using very old now obsolete usb 3.0 micro b? that was long ago replaced by usb-c


For fun.


I think this is to prevent people from connecting other USB-C stuff to the hub. That port should be used only to connect the hub to the computer.
Or, they bought those outdated hubs at a good price.

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Considering cable quality issues pimax has had better to keep with standard connections to make replacements easy to source.

It is more likely they bought these at a considerable discount being obsolete. Much like the usb bridgechips used in the early pimax wFoV hmds and is why we ended up with Usb2.0 usb-c ports instead of the Usb3 that was originally spec’d and was discussed at length prior to the KS in the PimaxVR Committee(A group setup by pimax as a mix of pimax and community members.) One of the results from those days @Davobkk had suggested making the 5k model.

That is the most likely truth. :wink:

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