Pimax Crystal Right Screen big dot

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Unfortunately the pimax crystal I received seems to be defective.
On the right screen, I can see a continuous black dot.

It’s the same even if I change both lenses, and it seems that the device is defective because I can see it even if you turn off the power.
I think it’s caused by the small dust inside the headset.
But there is no way to remove the dust.
(There is dust inside the glass cover, so it cannot be physically touched.)

I want to remove the dust and try it
Is there a way to remove the dust from the inside?

In fact, the black spot looks much bigger.
I submitted the ticket.
Ticket number: 50167

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I would not try to do this as you’d probably let more dust in than get out. You really need a professional room with constant dust extractors. My DK2 was a nightmare for dust.

Sadly it looks like you’ll have to send it back to Pimax where people will be wearing full dust suits while they assemble the eye box.

Where did you buy from?


I bought it on the official website

Thanks for the advice


Have ypu filed a ticket yet? If so @PimaxQuorra can likelt help.

I submitted a ticket but I didn’t get support for more than 5 days.
I’m really upset that I have to waste my time like this because of a dust.

can you help me?


I am being ignored for little over a week as well now.

no response either for a RMA on my 8KX…

I’m having Faulty panels where they are flickering and going out, along visual glitches…
(they panels are physically dying, and can’t maintain its res/refresh rate, and other Firmware’s make it even worse or no change)

Told them i tried the cable it came with(never touched it as i bought a new fiber optic cable, but tested it to see if it was my cable…it was not) and my new fiber optic cable(plus my friends).
got ignored, and they wanted to think it was a cable issue…
they never responded after…

so i understand you…
Hopefully you get them to respond to you…


The dust inside the inner cover almost matches the dot on the screen.
I think the cause is almost certain, but there is no answer.
Pimax CS centers are always lazy.


Could you please provide the ticket number again? I’ll take a look into it and request that they expedite the response time.

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Hello Todd,

I apologize, but I’ve given it my all. I’ll talk to them once my meetings are over later.


That would be great.

I dont understand why they think its a cable issue, when i stated multiple times that its not.
As i mentioned before in my comment above.
for the heck of it, i even tested it on my other PC with my 2080 in it.
(i have a new pc with a 4090 now, and its still doing it…so i know 100% its faulty panels that needs to be replaced).


thank you, and just want to use my VR again…
the only reason i got a 8KX, is because my 5K+ was not going to last long…
and using that in the meantime(means less VR time for me)…


Ticket number: 50167
Please check thx.


I received a new exchange today.
The exchanged product was not well controlled by IPD, but it was able to be controlled by applying physical shock.
I think it was caused by an impact during shipping.
Other than that, it works well.