Pimax crystal review

There is already a full Pimax Crystal Review on Vodoo’s YouTube channel if you sign the Patreon :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

I already watched it , crystal will be :fire::fire::fire:


Thanks for the heads up! I just joined his patreon now to watch it.

finally some good news apart from the fov ofc,but eh if it was advertised as it is i wouldnt complain.

really hope they add 75hz too

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that battery and cable problem really needs to be fixed already 2.5 hours while wired PCVR would be crazy annoying,they should add a powerbox or something.

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Fov is really really good considering the fact it’s aspheric lenses :slightly_smiling_face:

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And that’s Pico 4 fov

Vive pro 2

It’s worth noting that he is using a bugged version of TestHMD that adds 10 degrees to the vertical FOV (hence the Quest 2 at 108 which is impossible). So his actual result for the crystal is 98v/102h. Considering he has a particularly awkward headshape for getting good FOV, it’s inline with the 103/103 number that we have gotten already.

So far literally everyone that has checked the FOV has confirmed 103/103 max. So seems pretty set in stone. I really wish Pimax would either acknowledge this, as in that it’s something that will change like the Varjo aero, or update the spec sheet on the website so that it’s not false advertising.

Also he weighed the headset, with the battery which is mandatory, as 1162g. That’s a big difference from the advertised <845g (I’m guessing that is without the battery). That said I am not bothered as my 8K X weighed that much with a counterweight and was very comfortable, balance is what’s most important.

103x103 is fine imo, especially with aspheric lenses. Of course more is always nicer but it’s still better than most headsets.

The battery discharging during PCVR use is a HUGE problem imo. Would like some official word on that also. I have no issue with a cable that requires a wall adapter, like the reverb G2 or older pimax headsets.

in german

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Overall he is very positive. Main thing he complains about, and rightfully so, is that the battery drains during wired PCVR. That needs to be resolved, it’s going to be a deal breaker for many.

Everything else is quite positive. I wonder if it will be his main headset now? Seems visually it’s unmatched.

I agree it’s not ideal but afaik the battery also drains on other standalone/pcvr hmd’s like the Pico 4 and Quest 2 when doing pcvr so it’s not unusual i don’t think.

Those are being used wirelessly.

If you have them plugged in then they shouldn’t drain, and if they do it’s very slow. I have never run down a quest plugged in, pretty certain my q1 and q2 both charged while plugged in for Oculus link.

For wireless the 2 hours of each battery is fine and normal, but for native wired PCVR it’s a first. I think they should be able to fix it though, probably just a quirk of the prototypes.

ah ok that’s news to me tbh, i was pretty sure my Q2 battery ran down whilst connected via usb albeit very slowly, although i can’t say that for certain. i thought i read somewhere the pico 4 does too but i could be wrong.

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Depends on the usb connection, possibly the cable also. I connect mine into a usb C port so that’s likely why I don’t have to worry about that.


There will be a third lense option :slight_smile:

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It’s all a matter of perspective. You can sue any HMD manufacturer except Valve for this. :joy:

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valve never once actually advertised a fov number for index,everyone kinda got the “130” from somewhere and went with it.

what pimax is doing is straing up false advertising by a huge 22 degrees,also how the hell “the 8kx cable” aint replaced by now with the proper crystal one like they said months ago since that was the excuse,2 hours battery life while hooked on PC is absurd.