PIMAX CRYSTAL PRICE: 日本 Japan Customers Will End Up Paying More


日本では、クリスタルの購入にさらに約 $164 (¥23,190 ) ほどのお金がかかります。

しかし、6月17日現在、中国人民元の基準価格CN¥11,999と日本円の基準価格¥245,500では、約 $50 相当の値上がりにすぎず、上記金額から3倍にはなりません。

Buyers in Japan should be informed.

At the time of this post:
In Japan, you will be spending around an extra $164 (¥23,190 ) more money for the Crystal…

*Perhaps part of this situation is the exchange rate difference between China and Japan.
However, as of June 17, the base price in Chinese Yuan of CN¥ 11,999 vs the base price in Japanese Yen ¥245,500 only yields about a $50 equivalent increase, and NOT 3 times increase represented from the above amount.
All things considered, I do not believe PIMAX’s Japan Price for the Crystal is a fair one.

I just received email confirmation that my pre-order is ready for full purchase of the Pimax Crystal.

The unit price in Japanese Yen is stated as:
¥279,000 (Includes Japan’s 10% GST Tax* / Shipping stated as ‘FREE’)
*I presume it means no customs charge at the border

Total Japan JPY price: ¥268,440 (USD Equivalent = $1,893)
(Includes: GST 10% Tax, Pre-order Fee Discounted and Shipping)

Total US USD price: $1,729 (JPY Equivalent = ¥245,250)
(Includes: Sales Tax 10%**, Pre-Order Fee Discounted, Shipping ($50))
** U.S. Sales Tax originally lower than 10%, but brought to 10% for comparison’s sake

Exchange Rate June 17, 2023 used: 141.84

¥268,440 MINUS ¥245,250 EQUALS = ¥23,190 (USD of $164)

Japan Order Page:

U.S. Order Page:

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Import fees or more expensive shipping maybe? Doesn’t seem to be enough of a breakdown in costs tbh.

I would remove the shipping costs and the sales taxes (GST) from the quote and compare those. I am not sure how it works in Japan, but in EU, the VAT is applied to the price including shipping and including import duty tax, which can increase the whole “tax part” a bit.

This is where people comparing EU to US prices typically make mistake.


I mean. At the end of the day, with tax being equally applied, along with everything else, their system provides a difference in price that in my opinion is notable, without explanation.
What constitutes that difference beyond what the end consumer can calculate based off of the information they’re providing is unknown. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a diffence.

Now, if the price were lower somehow, of course I’d be happy about it, but also still curious as to why anyways.

I mean, hypothetically, if I were just in town (the U.S. to visit friends) and had the headset delivered to their address and I picked it up and repacked it out from of the original packaging it within my luggage, I could just bring it back with me and realize the savings.

So, unless they can really provide more information regarding the price disparity, they can’t expect the end consumer to understand and be happy about the current situation.

I know this isn’t consequential for others(of people with lots of disposable income floating around), but I’m willing to bet that if you had to pay $150 or more compared to other markets, without a clear explanation as to why, you probably wouldn’t be all that pleased about it.

Then you would also get a customs surcharge there and pay another customs duty for the import on your return journey.

Try contacting Pimax customer support, or the sales team on the live chat. I agree there should be a breakdown on the fees and why it costs more, a full breakdown. This isn’t anything unusual though, every country has their own policy and fees etc. Hopefully this is a case where Japan requires the seller to include import duty etc at sale (like the EU does) before shipment, rather than the device being held at customs for a week and you getting a seemingly random fee along with an additional processing fee from customs (how it used to happen here in Ireland before the EU brought in the new regulations).

Naa… I’ve brought lots of stuff in before repacked out of original packaging in carryon or in suitcase.

The Japan import/customs fee would be 10%, as it has already been applied in PIMAX’s price quote above.

So there is over $160 more that isn’t explained.

It would be useful for ANY Japanese customers to understand that information here, not just a one-one private conversation with PIMAX about it.
But I agree, I may ask in any case…

Then you have not complied with your duty of disclosure and are a “criminal” in the eyes of the law. :speak_no_evil::joy: Yes, it can, but does not have to work.

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Oh crap. Then you’re telling me that Amazon Firestick and laptop that I bought and used in the U.S., and then brought back with me to Japan was illegal?
Hmmm I think they have bigger fish to fry versus stuff like that. haha

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Don’t try something like that in Germany. Our overly precise authorities already see the downfall of the system at 5 euros. :rofl::joy:

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I’ll make sure I consume that whole pack of gum before entering the country!

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