PIMAX Crystal AMD GPU Compatibility -Progress-

So… It’s better than nothing, and still don’t see any official statement on PIMAX’s website, but…

Thank You


This is great news thanks for sharing!


It really is good news! I may build my next VR rig with a 7900XTX- assuming the 12k will support the 2.1 display port!


Even if 12K QLED does support 2.1, I am skeptical the 7000 series AMD GPUs will be able to drive 2 near 6k lenses and reasonable enough framerates. Not sure 4090 could even with if it had 2.1

Hmm worth really making sure before you drop cash with that expectation.

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This are awesome news.

Now I’m sure it will work with my 6800XT and probably with a 7900XTX, so maybe I’ll give it a try XD

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Exactly my words since weeks already :+1:t3: :disappointed_relieved:

I fear, not even an upcoming 5090 will be able to fully fuel the 12K to 100% at native resolution, depending on the game. For some simple classic VR games, it could be fine. But just think of DCS, FS2020, Elite Dangerous or other sim’s in VR…

Of course, I meanwhile know that the 12K should do better upscaling than the 8K-X.
Nevertheless, 2k € for an HMD which probably can only be used in upscaling mode with a graphics card which also costs at least 1.5 - 2k € - dammit… hopefully, prices will drops somehow and somewhen until then :pray:t3:

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Hm. I’m not sure, but I think Pimax said the 12k should work even with a 3090 GPU.
@PimaxUSA can you tell us what will be needed for good performance?

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It will work, almost no doubt about it.
But in VR-Sim’s, not even a 4090 is fast enough for a 8K-X in all situations with full graphics details, even with FSR 90%, and not talking about really smooth 90 FPS for 90 Hz-mode…

My 8K-X was also working with my former 2080 Ti - but I certainly didn’t upgrade to the 3080 asap just because I didn’t knew where to spend my money. Neither am I testing both 4080 and 7900 XTX now just for fun.
Ehm… okay… it is for fun, of course, for smoother gaming fun. You know what I mean :wink:

So, imho: Yes, you can try the 12K with a 3090. But I really think, in this case your money is better invested somewhere else :wink:


I think at this point 4090 and above is the best bet to get the most bang outta the MOST bucks for the 12k. In a way, I suppose potentially a future-proof VR headset? Provided that PIMAX stays afloat in the long term to provide support. :stuck_out_tongue:

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If someone is looking to buy a GPU for the 12K, I would wait until the 12K is available for direct sale.

The market could shift around so much by then. There could be a 4080TI that’s a better value, or price drops, or a 7950XTX, who the heck knows.


The new AMD GPUs are really interesting, but not necessarily for the ones available right now. Having a chiplet based architecture means that maybe we could see two GPUs on a single die without the need for explicit multi GPU support. I.e. linear growth and graphics just by adding more GC’Ds

I no longer care if Pimax support the latest AMD cards lol. Shockingly bad. That said, AMD do tend to make significant improvements on the driver level as time goes on so will be interesting to see these benchmarks returned to in 6 months and 1 year.

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It seems a problem with a bad driver for VR, because in some games a 6900XT get more fps :sweat_smile:

I bought a 7900XTX (currently I have a 6800XT) and I’ll do some test when it arrives (with the lastest drivers), and I hope to get a good improvement in fps :grin:


I wouldn’t rely only on Hardware Unboxed. But yeah. Initially doesn’t look all that great for AMD.
But, I’m hearing there’s a lot more headroom, and that is promising.

Let’s see what companies like MSI and ASUS etc do with this.


I have a 6900XT and it does pretty well. no slouch. I’m sure the PIMAX Crystal will challenge it though.


I’m sure the Crystal will challenge our GPUs, at least with some sims :grin:

I did some tests with a Pico 4 with VD in GodLike (rendering at 3160*3160), and the 6800XT surprised me with good fps in a lot of games (of course in the MSFS2020 I only got 28-31 :sweat_smile:).

Then I’ll repeat the test when the 7900XTX arrives and measure the improvement, and depends on the results I return it or keep it.

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Something everyone should keep in mind is that, at this time, AMD doesn’t support foveated rendering. Which could mean a significant performance deficit vs Nvidia on supported titles, of which there’s actually a fairly decent number. Perhaps that’ll change, but something to consider.

This is one of the reasons why I’m considering to Dump AMD…

That wasn’t hardware unboxed though.

Fwiw, the link I shared didn’t use foveated rendering.

I’m all for AMD btw, but I also am not going to make excuses to make their latest offering seem better than it is. I think they’ll improve a lot in the coming months with driver updates but as it stands right now, the 7900XTX doesn’t make any sense for a VR enthusiast. Which is disappointing as it was the only card I was actually considering buying to replace my 3080. Guess I’ll hold off a while and see what happens.

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