Pimax commission VR Headsets

Is there any way to order a custom full stripe rgb oled 3860x2160 per eye hdm from pimax .
If money is no object a customer should be able to do that .
I know there are keycult commission custom Keyboards so it should be possible to order a custom pimax hmd with a custom panel , espeacially if money is no object .

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I see you’re on XR, yeah I understand you. XR SDE is quite bad, much worse than on Vive Pro.

I also bought 5XR but was dissapointed by it & saturation. It would be a blast if we will have full stripe rgb oled 4k per eye Pimax, I would be happy even with default pentile stripe.

But seems they ditch OLED on purpuse & main factors are ppl complains about SDE & smearing.

Im shocked how much ppl here on the forum with those expensive Pimax HMDs & they don’t care about contrast, blacks & vibrant colours, my mind just can’t get it. How? It’s so much more pleasnt & immersve be in the world wich doesn’t look pale & where dark scenes are so natural & scaring.

I guess the only potentially good thing we have now is StarVR One which is dated by 2018 & can be ditched by Acer. But founders (devs of Pay Day) did the excellent work, I sad that they got problems & had to put this project on hold. With OpenVR compatibility for 4 cameras it should be very very good immersion experience & games compatibility.

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I am in doubt if there are 5~6" 4K 16:9 RGB OLED panels available :thinking:


I am sure BOE got oled displays with that size

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even if switching panels is the most easiest way to do it for Pimax HMD, there are always other ways how to imporove OLED resolution like:

  1. do some lightweight simple mechanic tha moves screens so you don’t need anymore to sacrifice panels resolution & lenses magnification parameters for IPD adjustment. I guess it will require to increase case size which is bad for many reasons though.
  2. do some filter similar to Samsung O+ but less blurry, to avoid black gaps & fill it with sibling pixels colour, less agressive than in O+ which can by some degree reduce SDE. Really Vive Pro resolution is awesome, it’s on par with 5k+ with all those pixels but with great colours & contrast, if sde would be less prominent much more people would be enjoy this wonderfull HMD :slight_smile:
  3. partnership with panels manufacturers & ask to make it (I guess it has minimal chance as it would be too expensive if there won’t be enough demand)
  4. Do some other magic :boom:

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