Pimax client shows leaptracker controller connected but

The hand tracker module shows up as working in Windows, the Pimax client shows it as being attached to the headset, but the handtracking does not seem to be available in any games. I’m missing something here (not counting any marbles I may have lost). Any ideas?

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Not sure what game you are trying, but nearly 0 games have support for hand tracking.

Hand tracking isn’t really a feature of SteamVR/OpenVR. You typically need game support, like DCS Leap Motion support.

Even for OpenXR, which has support for hand tracking, nearly no game developers are making the effort to integrate it.

Btw, the Pimax module is no more than a Leap Motion in a different package AFAIK. So you need to find games with Leap Motion support.

There are also “Motion controller emulation” mods, that will piggyback on your games motion controller support and attempt to bridge input from the hand tracker. This is generally hit or miss, because your hands don’t have joysticks for example.

For SteamVR:

For OpenXR:


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It has always been a mystery to me why a universal controller emulator is not a fundamental part of the Leap Motion software…

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Well, all I wanted to do was use it in DCS. After three frustrating hours the module is back in its box. I finally realized that it’s easier just to use mouse in DCS. I wish I could in IL2. iDisks the openxr add on for it, but for some reason that failed, and then prevented me from opening DCS at all and giving me some ‘unknown controller’ notice. Once I uninstalled the hand motion add on and the module from the HMD, the openxr toolkit worked perfectly again.
Thanks anyway Matt.

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Because the way you use motion controllers is fundamentally different from the way you use hand tracking.

The reality of generic controller emulators like OpenXR Toolkit hand tracking is that they just don’t work well. The mechanics for using hand gestures really must be built into the application directly to make it the acceptable level of comfort and useability.

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Sure, absolutely!

…but just for limited amounts of minor interaction in slow-ish titles without too intricate controls, with the option being: “nothing at all”; It is the most obvious and basic form of bonus functionality (…just ahead of a built-in global framework for adding virtual keyboards and other virtual control organs in your play space); And not even trying, no matter how lackluster the result, just makes it look like they have no confidence in their own product, IMHO. (EDIT: …and overconfidence in developer adoption…)

I suppose it needs to be said that my own experience with the Leap Motion (Pimax edition) has been abysmal. My heart sank a bit when I learned it does not use structured light, as I had always thought (pretty sure I recall the original LM appearing shortly after the Microsoft Kinect), but just two regular “unaugmented” cameras, and a bit of testing it, sadly confirmed that misgiving.
Maybe I need to give it another go, but arrange a space with nothing in the background - just a plain solid colour, that contrasts against that of my hands…

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