Pimax client has trouble finding the headset

I get a green light on the headset, but the client doesn’t recognize it. If I unplug and replug the HMD port, sometimes it will then find the headset.

I’ve been having similar reliability issues since moving from Pitool to Pimax Client. Takes many tries to get the device working.

I had a similar experience with it so i went back to using pitool (latest version). Even so, if i unplug the hmd’s usb’s and plug them back in, the headset and/or basestation are sometimes not detected. So once i’ve found a combination of usb ports that work i don’t disconnect anything.

Edit: just had it happen again even though i hadn’t changed the usb config around, solved it by switching to 9 axis then back to lighthouse in pitool.

I’ve gone back to pitools as well. It’s very odd. Even when the client ‘connects’ to the hmd, I sometimes have to wait several minutes for it to find the base stations. Once in a while I have to unplug the USB port at the headset end and then plug it in again.


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