Pimax Client Configuration

Using Pimax Client on 8KX, so have had to uninstalled PiTool.
The Pimax Client is very easy to use, but I cannot see any options to configure Pimax Client for “special” old games like Vanishing of Ethan Carter. Which just hangs on first screen.
With PiTool had settings like FOV = potato, Smart Smoothing = no, Render Quality = 0.5 and game would run ok.
Please any help available here

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You have to go to device settings to configure games settings line those.
The Lower left of the screen features icons representing the headset and the base stations. Click on the rectangular one( the smallest icon) to go to the device page. Once there you can configure the headset and individual games, just like in Pitools.
Pimax really needs to add a ‘button’ for it that is labelled, or at least more obvious!


Thank you, much appreciated

Can you share special settings? More so if the rendering issues can be fixed on the was it letters or dream/memory sequences that get wrong as image in per eye do not align properly.

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