Pimax client 1.16 and 8kx smart smoothing broken

I upgrade my Pimax client to and smart smoothing is broken in my 8KX.

It makes ghosting images with Steam vr and OpenXR in a RTX 4090 when I activate smart smoothing. It was ok with 1.14.

I updated my nvidia drivers also.

I would like to downgrade to 1.14 but I can’t find it anywhere. Where could I get 1.14?


noticing settings are not saving on this version(even cleaned installed two times, including wiping all files in Appdata locations(Local, locallow and roaming).

noticed it kept setting my SS(render quality) to 0.75 instead of the 1.25 i have set.
and the colors are off.

i use to have R/G/B contrast: +1/+1/0
and R/G/B brightness: -4/-4/-4(use to be -3 on all)

now its ALL -5 brightness for the blacks to be more black and its slightly more blue on the hue side in this version(turning contrast on the blue from 0 to -1 makes it too green)

i think the only thing i wish for is increments of changes on the colors/brightness adjustments(like 0.1 instead of just 1).

using my 5K+ now.
but noticed this.

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PimaxPlay 1.14


Except for a few edge-scenarios how were you using smart-smoothing anyway? It’s been functionally broken for years now with the 1/3 refresh-rate issue. The only time I’ve seen it even moderately usable is in situations where the title is CPU bound or you’re doing something weird like playing flat-games through Virtual Desktop (which can be made functional since PiTool appears to never get the accurate frame-time, it’s getting the frame-time from Virtual Desktop, not from the flat-title you are running, thus you can manually force 1/2 refresh-rate through PiTool and then turn on smart smoothing and it will never try to drop to 1/3 rate.)

Speaking of this, I was looking at the 12K specs and see that the minimum refresh is 75hz? That’s going to be a HUGE issue, as 60hz is absolutely critical in the Pimax ecosystem. With motion smoothing broken we are left with running at the lowest native refresh in extremely demanding titles. There are a of titles that even with a 4090 I couldn’t push 75hz reliably. The 12k is going to be completely unusable in a lot of titles if Pimax doesn’t enable a 60hz mode.

I use mainly Pimax for DCS with OpenXR and PimaxXR runtime. I don’t use SteamVR. Pimax smart smoothing is really bad but if you turn on the option in PimaxXR to lock to half frame it works very well. At least for me. It means always is running at 45 frames if you are in 90 Hz.

Here are more people with the same problem I have with my 8kx https://www.reddit.com/r/Pimax/comments/16h1c5t/smart_smoothing_not_working_in_pimax_play_v116/

OK, that makes sense. I played with OpenXR and PimaxXR a few times but ultimately I’ve always had too many incompatibilities to make the effort worth while trying again (I play a wide variety of games, only a handful of which really functioned properly using those.)

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