Pimax client 1.14 and 8kx , No screen out time setting

My 8kx goes to sleep in a minute. I find that the option to change sleep timer is missing for 8kx.

It appears for my Crystal though


The 8KX should not enter sleep mode, as this feature is specifically designed for the Crystal headset. If you’re experiencing sleep mode-related issues on the 8KX, please provide us with more details so we can assist you further.

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I am sorry, but my 8KX has a sleep mode as well… Maybe one long lost feature revealed through this post by end users. Of course I do not know where this feature resides in the whole software stack. I may be a Steam feature, a PiTool feature, a driver feature or a firmware feature.
Sometimes the wake up doesn´t work properly, then a Button switch off /switch on works for me.
A handbook for those features and how to handle it would be great (for downloading).
Still I am happy with my 8KX for years now.

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When did the team remove standby/sleep mode from earlier hmds?

The earlier models like the 8kX had a time out where it tirns off the screens and was for some hardcto wake it up.

My 8kx keeps going to sleep after a minute when using latest Pimax client.

Never had this issue in earlier versions of Client or Pitool.

When I use the Crystal, an option for sleep shows up under Device - General.

This option is missing when I use the 8kx

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Yep, mine also goes to sleep.

Hey guys,

I’ve shared this with the software developers, and I’ll personally test it with the 8KX as well. This issue should have a straightforward solution

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I personally haven’t experienced the issues mentioned with the 8KX. To investigate further, I’ll need to conduct tests to recreate the problem and understand its nature.

Very simply why is the screen out timer option, missing in the Pimax client while using 8kx.

If you don’t see the option, there is nothing more to investigate than providing the option in the next update

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New bug in 1.16. When I connect my 8KX after I have disconnected my Crystal, The settings default to 9 axis tracking. I have to shift to lighthouse tracking manually each time.

If you switch to lighthouse tracking and then reboot, does the setting get saved, or does it revert to the default 9-axis tracking?

It reverts back even after PC reboot. Please note this happens especially after I disconnect from my Pimax Crystal and then connect my 8KX.


Noted! Appreciate that!

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Thanks latest update has solved the problem


The problem seems to have reverted in the latest build. Now I get drifting in Crystal as though looking for lighthouse even though I haven’t installed a LH plate.

Or a Not tracked in 8Kx as though 9 axis tracking is enabled.

It takes a few HMD retarts or even a PC restart to solve the problem

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