Pimax Client 1.11 Thank you devs! Please!

I’m hearing wonderful things about PiClient 1.11 - that it has fixes for OpenXR/PimaxXR related issues on frame pipelining, frame-timing and so forth. This attention to these issues is very much appreciated and I just wanted to take a moment to thank the developers for listening! Let’s get this to users ASAP!

So excited! Thanks!

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i’m waiting on an update myself. :slight_smile:

been a long while since we got an update though(specially pitool). :confused:

i also wish they dont have it where they force 8KX speakers every time i boot my headset…
it was never a thing till V1.9, i want to use my MAIN speakers not the 8KX(i have it going through my “What U hear” to make it sound better…

when will this be pushed out - asking for a friend

Rumor has it at sometime this month but we’ll see how that goes. I recently started using the client vs Pi tool and I really like the user interface it’s tidy and quite easy to use. I hope the next update impresses me even more so I can get the most out my Pimax headsets.

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Yea its out lets try it!

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Client V1.11 did indeed come out.
but its still forcing the 8KX speakers to be the main Audio output…
This needs to be changed.

can you please send this to the team. @PimaxQuorra
This is really invasive, like everytime i reboot the client, or what not.
there it goes setting the 8KX speakers as the main speakers on me.

Its changing my desktop AE5 Speakers i have set as default.
making it where i cant hear anything, Then i have to go set it back… i have the 8KX speakers audio sent to my “what u hear” for better audio(so i never have to change audio ever between desktop and VR)…

i just want pitool client 1.11+ to not changed my audio settings WITHOUT permission.




Hey Todd,

Thank you for the feedback. I will pass this along to the software developers, and hopefully, they can address the audio issue. I completely understand how frustrating and annoying it can be to have to configure the audio every time the client is rebooted.


Download link? I find it excruciating finding them on the pimax site.


do you have the Pimax client? if not get that and then you will receive the update


Yea, right now i will keep pimax client unistalled and stay with Pitool v284 till that is fixed.

i was in VRchat and was having some issues, that caused me to unplug my headset to fix.
and it nuked my audio to where i could not hear anything, even after manually trying to fix it…
(i never have this issue with pitool)


Client 1.12 Still has the same issue. :confused:

going back to pitool V284 again, Really want them to fix this…

Where do I find Client 1.11 installer?

When I rolled back from 1.12 to 1.11, I just used the Client 1.10 installer I had in my downloads folder, and once Client 1.10 was installing, it invited me to install 1.11.
latter, I installed 1.13, but realised it has the same 1/3 frame rate smart smoothing issue as the 1.12 has (but 1.11 doesn’t), despites the smart smoothing tuner from mbucchia that doesn’t work on 1.13, so now I try to roll back to Client 1.11 again by doing the same thing : installing 1.10 and expecting it to invite me to install 1.11, but it doesn’t. Instead it invites me to install 1.12.

So, how am I supposed to install 1.11 now?

Didn’t I see that one of these revisions fixed ‘issues with the 4090?’ I can’t find that reference again.

I currently remain on PiTool 284 since things are working reasonably well, and trying to get a bead on where the “Client” version of things is, and which one is best. I guess I don’t care a ton about the 1/3 motion smoothing thing anymore, as I’ve simply tuned everything around the concept of never being able to use smoothing again on Pimax devices. I see that 1.11 fixed this, but 1.12 screwed it all up again? Any thing else to look out for?

i also wish they dont have it where they force 8KX speakers every time i boot my headset…
it was never a thing till V1.9, i want to use my MAIN speakers not the 8KX(i have it going through my “What U hear” to make it sound better…
netgear login


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I have been asking this for months now.
(as i noticed it too for 1.09 and even till now for 1.13 it still does it)

i even message @PimaxQuorra just last night that support is ignoring this too.

i am guessing you also have a Sound blaster card too(i have an AE-5 card).
having our audio route to “what u hear” is much better for audio quality(easy to hear too) and for convenience.
as you dont need to EVER change speakers/headsets(you hear through main audio and VR too).

less setup…ect

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