Pimax Client 1.10 Screensaver Not Working

I have noticed the Screensaver never kicks in on the Pimax Client 1.10 either with SteamVR turned on or even when it’s off. Can this please be passed onto the devs because it is an important feature that needs to be working. Thanks.

Also noticed that Compulsive Smoothing is not an option in the client. Can someone say if that is deliberate or is being updated for a later release ?

The new PimaxPlay version 1.11 still hasn’t fixed this bug, so I can only roll back to version V1.7


Yeah Pimax do not think it is a bug because it works for them. They do not appear to understand that some bugs do not manifest on every pc.

Having no screensaver is a HUGE Fail because potential to overheat and damage the screen. Very frustrating that they cannot or will not try fix this.