Pimax CES 2024 Coverage


So it’s the end of 2023. I would say Pimax had an overall successful launch of the Crystal if you are a simmer.

If you’re looking for an AIO forget the Crystal. There’s still no PCVR streaming and only 12 no name games on the Pimax store.

Looking to 2024 Pimax said they’ll be revealing the 12k. Well they did say that too back in 2023 and 2022. Lol

But let’s be positive. The 12k is 75% the same build as the Crystal which has now been launched.

Let’s be realistic. Pimax are developing lenses that mix both glass Aspheric lenses with old school Fresnel. How this works in practice or in manufacturing terms in anyone’s guess. Pimax seem to struggle with Crystal yields never mind adding complex polymer into the mix. Then Pimax are struggling with the wide FOV aspheric lenses.

Let’s not be pessimistic. The last two CES’s have been filled with drama and excuses. Covid, lost parts, booths that failed to get built, private demos that were held but brushed under the carpet. Lenses that materialised from nowhere. Pimax at CES has never been the smoothest ship that ever sailed. But they have been entertaining!

Could CES 2024 be the one???

All eyes are on the 12k. The specs, the price, the release window. These are the questions Pimax needs to answer after 3 years of hype, delays and failed releases.


I am also looking foward to CES 2024 and what Pimax will be unveiling. I hope that we will see a 12K unit for the first time in action, even if the unit should only be a prototyp. The last real information about the 12K we got was nearly entire two years ago via the YouTube Livestream by @PimaxUSA.
If it really can offer up to 200° hFOV, I think many will buy it.


LOL. Yeah they almost showed the 12k at CES 2022,now 2 years ago. It was just bad luck that parts were sent to the wrong addresses :joy: that was a funny excuse you got to give them that.

Anyway let’s hope that now 2 years later the 12k is finally ready for showtime




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Nothing shouts out 12.

Good choice in cameras I have one of those.


Keep in mind that the 12 K has dual 6K displays. even if they show it off, it’s not going to be viable until there is a video card that can actually drive dual 6K displayss.

Let’s hope the bridge chip, driver boards, and display port bandwidth is there to drive the 12 K properly.

Realistically, it’s probably just going to use foviated rendering all the time and drive the signal at the same rate and bandwidth used for the Crystal to get the 35 PPD wherever your eyes look.

I do hope with the added pixel density That they stick with the exchangeable lens system and have a set of lenses for higher pixel density than 35 PPD on a slightly smaller FOV.

A PPD of 50 would get us the same kind of quality through the lens as some of the common OLED Theater for your face HMD’s that use birdbath optics.

I for one would love to have image quality Like those do over a wider field of view

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Not sure about that. Will the 12k still use DP1.4 and be reliant on eye tracking?

It should rely on Foveated Transport

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Is that 60g WiFi module held on by tape??? Lol

Thought it was magnetic?

How much is the Wigi module going to cost? £299?

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yes I think so , wigig was always very expensive . I wish they would use wigig 2 though

i really hope they show the 12k once and for all

What scares me is they haven’t even mentioned it in the run up to CES2024.

Either marketings had the month of December off or Pimax are so scared they dare not say anything. lol

They could of had a 12 day count down for the 12k. :sunglasses:

I hope it’s not tucked away in some secret booth for YTers and NDA signatories to see.

I hope its not held together with yellow sticky tape.

I hope it doesn’t tell attendees “we have no info until 2025” lol.

Pimax can’t be trusted until they start keeping their words consistently. First, 12k was supposed to reveal in 2022…then or possibility Christmas or CES. Now, i heard something soon in 2024. Well, they did say soon and don’t want to overpromise…we’ll see.

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True. Pimax need to keep in the realm of reality. I actually won’t be surprised if there’s no 12k at CES2024.

As for 2023 I think this is Pimaxes best year ever. They’ve created the Crystal which despite its size gives the best image quality at a now reasonable price. Still no streaming and the 60gig module looks like a fudge if you’re a simmer the Crystal is the best choice.

The biggest disappointment of 2023 is no Index follow up. Valve are sleeping when we could have had a resolution bump in the current Index. Now more people buy the Quest3 for PCVR.

Second biggest disappointment in 2023 goes to Somnium. They failed to get the VR-1 out the door and after a round of YTers telling it how it is, it now looks too little too late. The price point is a killer blow making the Crystal with eye tracking built in look like a bargain.

So hats off to Pimax. Between Pimax and Meta 2023 has been a good year for VR. Valve, HP, HTC and Apple have done nothing to help VR grow.

Hopefully we see some great hardware in 2024 and Valve gets to redeem themselves with a next Gen HMD and Alyx 2.

Pimax still have one foot in the game at this point and could release a Crystal slim or a 12k that has us all reaching for our credit cards. Lol

Happy New Year everyone have a great 2024 and thanks for putting up with my ramblings. Peace out.


So there will be NO 12k at CES2024. According to Pimax.


So as feared in an earlier post if the 12k makes it to CES2024 at all it will be locked behind closed doors and NDA signatories. Making this the third CES 12k no show.

We the public won’t get a sniff of the 12k which begs the questions - is the 12k still a thing?

Are Pimax waiting for 50xx series GPUs?

Are the 12k lenses mass producible? Combining aspherical glass with polymers?

Are Pimax enjoying Crystal sales and feel introducing a 12k at this point would hamper sales?

Do Pimax now realise the 12k trade in programme
is such a bad idea they’d cripple their profit margin for foreseeable future as elevating the price of the 12k to offset the Crystal losses?

Is Pimax going to pull a rabbit from a hat at the last minute?


Damn it, I really hoped that we all hear at least something from the 12K on CES 2024.

At that point in time I can agree to that. So looks like I have to go with the upgrade from my XTAL 5K to the 8K Version to have currently the wides FOV on the market (with a suffienct enough resosultion) and as it looks right now for a long time too.
Looks like the 12K is abandoned by Pimax