Pimax can you do new "Pimax 8K through the lens" videos?

Is it possible for us to get a through the lens video like the earlier one you released for the 8K below? This should be done for both headsets. If not can you explain to the testers how you shot that video?

This would help give people a better idea what the visuals look like. Most of the shots released by the big 3 testers are zoomed in to the point you can see the subpixels and this is not a good way to look at these.


While I think there is a point you need both, I think you are right that we need a more broad (in many senses of the word) view of the display in action.

One thing I keep coming back to is that unlike a conventional display panel, these HMD’s are more or less in a constant state of motion. These discrepancies between the displays of 5K+ and 8K are pretty well agreed to be more amplified in a still photo. The hand held videos do a great job of replicating all of the minute bits of head bob which will keep the image in a constant state of motion.


There is something different between

  1. Setting camera without zooming and move headset to the image
  2. Zoom the camera to the display to see the pixel.

If pimax not zoom video which we can see the pixel similar to our eye, it is no useful.

It should be like this sample.

You must have much better eyes than I do. I can not see subpiixels when just using my vive headset. Yes I can see the SDE and individual pixels but not the parts that make that up. I am looking for overall effect and on a video in motion not a static image.

When I use my rift, sometimes that’s all I see is sub pixels. For some reason I found out to be particularly bad on the game Moss. Elite not so much because like many people I changed the UI to green which is double the effective resolution cos of pentile.