Pimax , can i plast dip it?

Hi, would like to try plast dip my Pimax 5k+ to give it bit more protection and better look.

Anyone used plast dip to pimax ?

I mean same as used to cars : Plasti Dip Your Car - The Complete Guide - YouTube

Layer would be quite thin so sensors would still work :slight_smile:

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Give it a try and let us know

I have written about that idea in another thread and i think it should be possible i also think that is basically the same method Pimax is using. Looking at this video Die Pimax RE Edition - Ein detaillierter Einblick - Wie gut ist die Qualität? - YouTube
it looks like it is just a PlastiDip coat on the new Units.
The only problem is see could be the IR sensors so it could cause a problem if the coating becomes to thick on the sensors.
One way to avoid problems would simply be to mask the sensors off.

Thanks , i gonna try. Its super easy to remove anyway


definetly post pictures

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