Pimax Black Friday Mystery Box

I swear if some rando gets a box with swords and basestations before I get mine (a backer) I’ll be mad. :rage:

Also who feels like gambling?


Indeed as Backers were said to be priortized to receive Sword Controllers before others.


Without 8kx, products such as 6m Fiber Optical Cable are the same as trash.


Why is that? The longer cable works with any USB edition headset we make and uses 1 less USB port. To summarize it’s longer, thinner and uses less ports - works with a our usb powered version headsets.


I use adapter model 8K+.
Optical cables are useless for those who use the previous version of the headset like me


yea, i only have the 5K+

Would feel it will be useless as well.


Roughly 70 percent of our headsets are usb type.

i got the mystery box.

But like i said, my cable is external powered.


You mean 70% of the Models?

  • Og 8k wall plug(entire release)

  • 5k+ Wall plug (entire release)

  • 5kXR Wall Plug (entire release)

  • Artisan (For about year+) Wall plug

  • Vision 8k+ (For About year+)

  • Pimax p1 series approx 4 models usb powered

  • Vision 8kX Usb Powered

  • After 8kX release approx 3 to 6 months Artisan and 8k+ revised to usb power

  • 5kSuper usb powered.

So yes counting p1 series 70% should be accurate. Other wise 5 p2 series 12v Wall adapter(not counting business versions). With 4 p2 models counting to hardware refreshes being usb power.

So what are the numbers of each headset total year to date sold in total?

  1. Og 8k
  2. 5k+
  3. 5kXR
  4. 8k+ First 12v series
  5. Artisan First 12v Series
  6. 8kX (Usb)
  7. 5kSuper (Usb)
  8. Revised Arrisan(Usb)
  9. Revised 8k+(usb)

Although not a great Metric I think Steam still shows 5k+ as leader of pimax hmds at last check.


Knowing my luck.

they will send me a cable i can’t even use…
If that really happens what then…

You know.

out of everything, that is the last thing i want to see. :unamused:


No. I mean roughly 70% of all units we have produced are the USB version that do not use a power adapter.

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It is a strange gamble.

If you’re a current owner, for $100 you get either a random product you may or may not be able to use, or a second headset.

If you are a non owner you pay 100 for an accessory you can’t use our mauve you win an hmd.

I’d like to see the marketing department who came up with this idea.


Even this Black Friday Mystery Box requires a delivery fee of $30 (when shipped to Korea).
If I receive a cable that I can’t use, I pay more than buying a cable on the website.
(The delivery fee is less than $10 if I buy a cable on the website, so it is cheaper than this Black Friday box.)


Gotcha you are counting the p1 series.

Otherwise please post numbers produced of each p2 series 12v and USB. As Steam at last check still shows 5k+ dominates.

Based on your guess of 70% We can Guess that Pimax matched the p1 Series of approx 30k headsets made with the 12v Afapter models.

Which would mean pimax has produced 100k headsets(not necessarily sold). So with upgrades there is still up to 30% ppl out there with 12v models(as many will have sold to upgrade). So for those ppl roughly a 1 in 3 chance of getting an unusable accessory.

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Only counted P2 series.

Unfortunately, I won a cable that unusable.
I received a message from FedEx that they will receive DP cable today.
(The estimated weight is 0.1kg, but I don’t understand that the delivery fee is 30 dollars.)


I also ordered the “mystery box” but regardless of what I get I can still use it all…but I hope it’s not the cable though as this in not worth the 170 CAD that I paid. PImax always seem to charge this standard 30 shipping ,even if it’s a screw, which is not fair.


I think it is safe to presume a good number of mystery boxes will unfortunately likely be Optic Cable of which is not good for the 30%+ that do not have a newer pimax usb powered hmd.

There is also potential concern with the wording of the Trade in porgram; “headsets bought this year towards 12k”

I am also curious with KS headsets value trade on 12k which would be small compared to retail.

Just need to wait til they post proper details and ss and print it off.


The real mystery is how close they will come to fulfilling all of the specs of the 12K, and in what time frame.


thats what i call a mystery