Pimax...are there any advantages to waiting?

I’m sure there are a handful of backers (including myself) who opt to wait to receive our Pimax when everything was ready. At the time of making that choice it seemed reasonable, however it’s nearly a year later and things have progressed at a snails pace.

Now with headsets “only” beginning to ship it’s probably time to ask ourselves and PIMAX a few questions about our decision to wait.

  1. How long can we expect for everything to be ready? i.e. Base Stations, Controllers, Headstrap with earphones, cable, face cushion, etc.
  2. What are the near future improvements for the headsets that will perhaps make it better than the current batches? I’m especially interested in the 8K, will near future improvements help it to surpass the clarity of the 5K+?
  3. What are the near future improvements for the software? Will these software improvements help the 8K surpass the clarity of the 5K+?
  4. If we choose to continue to wait for these updates and improvements, what are the chances that waiting may result in waiting too long and we wind up with nothing? i.e. end user reviews don’t meet expectations resulting in lower sales than expected.

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