Pimax and Room Scaling

This topic is funny considering that i have found a Guy Making Room scaling as fast as 10 seconds.

However if you are a beginner as me perhaps you have few questions

Before beginning the discussion , i have to say , that until now .
i don’t have played wiith my 8K X,
Pitool 271/fw 298 last release recognize My HMD,
2 Base stations (steam VR 2.0) and valve index controllers are solid blu
(I have also made a 0 cm Hmd test with controllers on near the walls inside Pitool)

To have this I have established the middle of the game area:
I have put Pimax 8k x over a little table

Base Station 1 is on tower1 2 meter high in front
Base station 2 is on a tower2 behind me 2 meter high
i have angled a little more base station 2 to watch (while gaming) my arms when they are parallel to the body

Both towers are opposite but not in the angle of room.
Tower1 is 2 meters forward in the room and 60 cm toward the centre
Tower2 is near the angle of the room, 60 cm toward the centre from the other side

At beginning Base station 1 was on a shelf very high of a bookshelf taking all the wall
I believe this was a setup issue because the base station was looking partially out of the gaming area
( to the PC/monitor desk).
So i have mounted it over the tower1 and placed where i have told you


Pimax suggest to make only Steam VR Room scaling if you have only Steam vr Games to Play

This is my case.
So i am thinking to make only SteamVr Room scaling.
Everytime Pitool will ask to make room scaling i will close the window…
But is it possible to make a Pitool Room Scaling after SteamVr Room scaling ?

  1. First choice is between Room Scale and Standing Only

Pimax suggesting here “Standing Only”
I am ok with this choise because i have a game area 2,5 m large x 4 m Long but there is a bookshelf in this area on one side of the room so the area for room scaling is 2,0 m large
and also because pimax 8K X don’t have “chaperone”

We are discussing Standing Only

Technically the standing Only has 3 easy stages described here

Keep your headset in view of base stations. After being successfully tracked, click the Next button.

Move your headset to the center of your play space and rotate the headset in the direction you want as the default front-facing position .
Click Calibrate Center when positioned correctly.

Place your headset on a stable surface, such as a desk, table or cabinet.
In order to calibrate your headset height, measure the distance between your headset and the floor . When entering the height, make sure to keep the headset still until you’ve clicked Calibrate Floor .

If steps 2)3)4) are these

I have a pratically solution a)

Solution A)
Keep the headset in the direction you like on a table in middle of your gaming area,
controllers are near Put them on
and if they are all recognized (Green)

  1. click next
  2. Then click “calibrate center”
  3. Then write the distance from the floor of the headset for example 66 (cm) and click “calibrate floor”


The benefit of solution A) could be you do not move the headset during calibration changing it’s position

Solution B)

This is a variant of solution A)

at 4) you put the Headset on the floor, Write 0 (Cm) as distance and click “calibrate floor”

The benefit of solution B) could be The perfect measurement of the floor

However it’s time to look the illustrations of steamVR and at 4) the headset is on the table

Always looking at the illustrations of steamVR at 3) The figure is you are in the middle of game area, you have the headset in you hands “Holding the headset” so that it is facing the default direction you want to face in vr

Here is the trouble:
You don’t have to move the headset during the calibration
If you are taking the headset, you can’t stay behind PC to click “calibrate Center”

However is it possible that 3) is intended as to wear the Headset facing the default direction you want to face in vr

So to make things easy I write a solution C)

Keep the headset in the direction you like on a table in middle of your gaming area,
controllers are near Put them on
and if they are all recognized (Green)

  1. click next
  2. Put away the table, wear the Headset facing the default direction you want to face in vr in the middle of your gaming area, press a button on the controller to “calibrate center”
  3. Put again the Headset on the table in the middle of the gaming area, take the measurement of the height and click “calibrate floor”

The benefit of Solution C) could be that you adhere more at the procedure as intended to be made

Ok asking to Pimax experts what is better to do A) B) C)

But if you have read until here there is another thing you have to establish before beginning the procedure

What is the default direction you want to face in vr ?

My decision is to face in front of basestation 1 (so base station 2 will be behind me)
I have the light of the window in front of me, so less light coming inside the headset
Base station 1 (in pitool) is more stable than Base station 2 :
Base station 1 see the headset on 4 sides.
Base Station 2 see the headset on 3 sides : front /left/right
Futhermore there is nothing between base station 1 and the headset . Instead between base station 2 and the headset there is a small bookshelf on the side

Summary of Questions

  1. Is it possible to make only steamVR Room Scaling
  2. What is the best “Standing Only” procedure between A) B) and C)

Thank you

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Yes, i have used my 8kx with only steam room scale setup. I skip or close room scale setup in pitool.

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Thank you @tykey6 and

what about the “Standing Only” procedure:

to calibrate the center how Was the headset (On the table/in your hands/on your face) ?
Did you use 0 cm or you took the height ?

@SweViver in pimax video

at 2) Pimax procedure: the picture show headset and controllers on the floor
at 3) Pimax procedure: holding the headset at monitor height in the middle of playing area
at 4) Pimax procedure: 0 cm

I have done the standing procedure with the headset on my computer desk @ 70cm height and on the floor @ 0cm, both worked ok.


I have made your same “Standing Only” procedure and … I would say (Preliminary) It works

1 Click Standing Only


I have put my headset 8K X on the floor to try 0 cm and controllers in Steam Vr
(basestation 1 is on ch 1 ; Base station 2 is on ch 3)
Then having all green
I have put the headset on the table in the middle of game area with controller on
All green → Click next

The headset is already in the direction i want → click calibrate center

I have put again the headset on the floor : i have the position (Paper packaging)
I have accepted 0 cm → click calibrate floor

I am not seeing jitter

Pitool 271
last Firmware 298

Max Deviation 0.704
Standard Deviation 0.169

max deviation 0.096

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