Pimax Amazon US Store:Prime day and Giveaway activity

  1. Pimax Amazon US store is offering the 48 hours Prime Exclusive Price activity which was hold by Amazon from 15th July to 16th July, will sell headset with unprecedented price with 6XX.XX. What do you think the rest of X will be? We will release the correct price on the day before Prime day, and the people who answered the correct price will receive the customized gift from us.

  2. During the Prime day warming up period, we prepared an activity called GIVEAWAY. Participants who watched the 15 seconds video by clicking the link below will have the opportunity to get a Pimax 5K Plus for free.
    This activity is coming to the end, come on and join us. Here is the link of the activity: https://amzn.to/2JuDVq8

Yours sincerely,
Pimax Team

Second Round – July 11th Update

Yao (the Principal of Pimax Amazon Store) will give out hints every day, such as confirming a number every day to narrow down the unknown number range.

The first one who gets the correct price will win a 50%off code from us to be used either Pimax website or Amazon and a necklace cooling fan.

July 12th Update

July 14 Update - Countdown


If X is repeated, I’d guess 666.66

Otherwise 628.32


I’m gonna agree with that guess of 628.32.

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I think my is guess is 699.99


My guess 649.99…

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666.42 or 666.64… :wink:




i think 699,00 …

629.99 I guess…

679.99 is what I would guess.

689.99 I supose 202020

699$ - too obvious, as for me.
Let’s make a small coup.
Therefore, my bet is $669, 99 :gift:

I Guessing $688.88!! Chinese Lucky 8

My guess would be 688.88.

I am sure its new price is U$ 699.00:grinning:

i think it will be 649.99

My guess it 600.00 exactly

My guess would be 615.16

My guess would be 679.15