Pimax 8kx (Vision 8K X Deluxe Headphone Version) update request

Hi @PimaxUSA,
I received my 8KX, Thanks for getting these out as promised.

I have not really used it other than installing the new version (Non Beta) of PiTools, everything seems to be in working order. I was very impressed with the packaging…Very Classy and the unit feels much nicer than my 5k+ with the rubberized feel.

I just wanted to know the current status of the DMAS as the only thing I wasn’t crazy about with the 8KX is the sound is a little anemic for my liking and I would love to connect the DMAS and start using this.

I hope the DMAS lives up to my exceptions

Any update would be great.



I don’t know when they’re sending it. Also, I don’t know when they are sending the eyes tracking either.


Download this software called Boom 3D. It’s free to try for 15 days and will drastically improve the SMAS sound.

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Can Anyone at Pimax Answer this for us?


Silence means a delay.

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