Pimax 8KX Vision / 8K+ Vision upgrade program for KS backers details and trade-in program

I would like to understand what coupons discounts I can apply to upgrade to 8KX Vision / 8K+ Vision as a KS backer.

From what I understand from the 24 September 2019 livestream, we can use the $100 8K to 5K+ coupon, but what about the other coupons discounts and trade-in program?

If I don’t need the basestations/controllers because of I already purchased Index LH and controllers, how much can I use towards the 8KX Vision? Is it basestation / controllers KS price + $50 as said on the livestream? This is quite urgent to have an answer from Pimax ASAP because of they are going to ship basestations at the same time the 8KX upgrade webpage will go live, so I need to sort it out before. Should I contact Pimax now that I don’t need basestation / controllers and want an upgrade coupon?

Also can Pimax tell us if we can have upgrade coupon/discount if I don’t need:

  • eyetracking;
  • wireless;
  • Modular Head Strap because of it’s already included in the new 8KX Vision (and it’s postage);
  • 10m cable (and postage) because of you can not use it for 8KX Vision;

Any word from Pimax on trade-in program will also be great, because of if they have Pimax 4K trade-in program, will it be 5K+/8K trade-in program for the new Vision models if I don’t really want to keep my old 5K+/8K?


It would also be good to know if we can cancel the 10m cable as well and use that towards an upgrade since the 8KX is not compatible with it alot of people wont be needing it if they upgrade.


Added it to the post


Hopefully @PimaxUSA will chime in with the rate sheet.

Are the discounts finalized, or still bring finalized?

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One difference it’s not a trade-in program. The program is you get a discount for being a backer or pre-order customer, plus you can use your coupons AND you can add the cost of your controllers and basestations +$50. You get to KEEP your existing headset so it can be a backup, for another person or just sell it and recoup the difference.

I think people (especially backers) can wind up with the latest and greatest at a very low cost.


@PimaxUSA will we need to wait until the third week of October to know the final backer rates?

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I hope the webpage they use for this has a ton of details an options on it and is all centralized in one place so we dont miss out on anything, its admittedly alot to consider.

There will be a small ‘reveal’ in the 3rd week of October when we show what the backer program discounts are but we’ve pretty much revealed the entire discount program. It will be up to $350 if you backed controllers and basestations + $100 coupon + the backer program discount.

Because you also get to keep your existing headset a person could have the latest for quite a low amount. .


The backer program discount is what I was most curious about, but thank you for the other info. I assume the controller discount is only if you choose not to pursue the controllers from the full package.

Thanks for answering questions!

Correct, to get that one it would be if you didn’t want to wait for the sword controllers (or just get them later etc…)


So just to confirm the 3rd week of October is when we can order pre-order all the revealed stuff and upgrade as a backer to the newly announced HMD’s or the 3rd week of October will simply be releasing more info about the program?


Thank you for a prompt reply, Kevin. Your and Martin livestream was really impressive and I hope it’ll become a tradition. It’s changing the Pimax image in the right direction.

Do you think there may be any plans for a trade-in program?

Do you mean there will be an additional discount on 8K+ Vision and 8KX Vision for KS backers?

Also about the Modular Head Strap - effectively any KS backer who is going to upgrade to the new Vision headset will receive a redundant unit by the Pimax expense. Are there any plans to offer any kind of coupon / discount in place of sending it to KS backers who are upgrading?

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Yes there will be an additional discount in a small reveal in the 3rd week of October. The Vision 8K+ will ship quite shortly after that date. There wont be any trade-in program. If you get the X upgrade getting two MAS is at least theoretically OK as you keep your old headset.


@PimaxUSA Thank you, Kevin.

I’m already using Vive DAS with my 8K, and Pimax can save some money (on shipping also) to say for example give me $100 coupon towards upgade.

Should I contact Pimax support now or wait until futher announcement with my KS number to cancel my basestation KS order to use it towards the upgrade?

So the website will be up for backers on the 3rd week of October to place our upgrade order officially?

Yes, 3rd week of october relatively close to the official ship date for the Vision 8k+.


Best to make it so that one website for backers will allow us to place our HMD upgrade order, as well as pre-order for hand tracking, eye tracking, cooling fans, MAS, 10m cable, etc. all in one site/order. This will allow you to see and plan for demand up front but also will allow us to pay for these items, get in the queue and you have money up front for your company needs up front.

All of that will get launched 3rd week of October.

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Does the backer discount ever expire, or will we need to make our choice along with the others?

And how much to upgrade am RMA.