Pimax 8KX turn off by itself

Hello, in my research I found that this issue happens to other too.

  1. It turns off for no reason, sense movement, but the lenses keep off.
    If the power button is pressed, sometimes:
    a) A dark image appears with flashing white dots, like stars.
    b) Turn off by itself immediately, and if you try to turn on again, only turns on the left lens with a blank image (the right one remains dark) or sometimes both lenses remain dark.

  2. One way to get them working again is by restarting Pitool and SteamVR.
    The second one, is disconnect de DP and connect again.

  3. I tried to energize the Pimax 8KX directly from the outlet (5v), I did a long test without problems,
    then I turned off everything and turned on again to confirm that the usb to the outlet was the solution and it did not work … turn off by itself again.

  4. I retested all ports (Again), and the problem persists.
    Sometimes I am lucky and it doesn’t turn off, but sometimes yes.
    40% of the time it fails

  5. I am in contact with support, who sent me another firmware which unfortunately did not work either.
    I keep in contact with them to try to resolve this issue.

Support sent me a new firmware, it doesn’t work either, the tests are these:

  1. After installing the firmware, Pitool does not recognize the viewer
    when I turned it on, only displays code 10536
  2. I disconnected and reconnected the DP:

a) I pressed the button to ON, the message changed to 10636 for a couple of seconds and the view turned on (Chevron and button green) but the image on both lenses is black with thousands of stars, also it does NOT recognize the Base Station (HTC 1.0)
b) I turned off and on again, now the Pitool messages were 10536, 10636 and 10936 (2 seconds, between them). The “V” lights up, but the power button turns dim red and the displayed image is completely black.

I reinstalled the first Firmware they sent me, with the consequent problem that I already explained, at least I can use it … as long as it doesn’t turn off.

Sentient 8KX confirmed, Skynet is coming.

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Support suggest me to try again with the firmware.
After many tests, so far it is working correctly.

  1. I reinstalled the latest firmware they gave me
  2. PC Reboot
  3. I turned off Pimax
  4. I Waited 5 ’
  5. I Turned On Pimax
    a) Was recognized
    b) but immediately turned off by itself, then on by itself and then off by itself…
  6. I turned it on again from the button
    a) The Pi logo appeared but with thousands lights as stars.
  7. I turned off the viewers and restarted Pitool.
  8. Wait 5 ’
  9. I turned it on again and it was not recognized indicating these codes:
    10500 (this one is correct before powering it up)
    10600, 10636 and 10936
    I unplugged and plugged DP
  10. It occurred to me to change a setting of nvidia Control Panel (I don’t know if it has any effect of the issue, but now everything is ok), from able to unable the G-Sync (My monitor Asus is G-Sync compatible)
  11. Reboot PC and finally it is working correctly.

I’ve tested for a couple of hours rebooting randomly my PC, have turning off and on the Pimax, and the issue of Power Off by itself doesn’t appear again…
I cross my fingers…
I hope it helps to someone with this issue.


The problem persists …
It’s been 4 days since technical support told me that R&D would see my case …, and so far I have no news.
15 days ago I bought the 8KX and since then I have not been able to use them correctly, for that reason I decided to return them.


Maybe you could provide us the ticket number, and we will try to take a look at this issue with the technical team.


The ticket initially started with this problem:

#10732 Pimax 8KX doesnot power up

Then came the power off problem.


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