Pimax 8KX sent back to support, response loop, no update

My 8KX lost (again!) my lighthouses, even after Pimax support was checking my software via remote access they came to the conclusion that the headset is defective and has to be replaced.

While I am living in europe, I was told to send it to an adress in Sweden, the shipping charge would be redeemed with coupons. While the HMD has arrived 9th August I was contacted one week later “send us your adress for shipment”, which I instantly did. Upon asking about a packet ID and the status I was told “send us your adress for shipment” and so on which I did 3 times already, together with “send us the shipment charge invoice” which I also did. I escalated the process to complaint@pimax.com and still no change.

I don’t care about the 30€ something coupons, I want a proper working HMD and proper answers and progress - and I give the wanted feedback.

Is that customer support the way it should be?


Can you please provide the ticket # to me, I will take a look at this case with the supervisor. Sorry for the bad experience.



Thanks for the really quick response, that let me regain some faith.

I got no ticket# anymore, I think. The original ticket was closed as the polite guy from the support team got the HMD working for a week or so and closed the original ticket. Then I just answered the last email from him and told him it isn’t working anymore. Then Kathy from Pimax kicked in and said “we do a replacement, send us the Amazon invoice”. No ticket number provided.

If you want to help I can send you the whole email traffic in a PM.


So thanks for the instant help so far. Seems my emails somehow got lost in the 'net. Good there’s another channel to communicate and I look forward receiving my HMD soon.

the exact same thing happened to me with my 8kx! Same procedure! First they tried to repair it remotely then I sent it at my expense to sweden. came to them on August 10th. It’s been 14 days and nothing has arrived yet. No coupon, no 8KX! Also in my case the ticket was closed and I too sent an email to complaint@pimax.com. They told me that they sent it but without giving me any tracking number … You don’t treat customers like that! I bought it from Amazon and I hope they can help me.


Hi Fabiom:
Sorry to have kept you waiting.
Can you please provide the ticket # to me so that I can take a look at it.

It seems like they had a system failure / problems. I hope it works well with your problem, I’ll keep you informed how it progresses. Today I got contacted by the usual support contac and they say they’ll send the packet ID instantly.

Hi, unfortunately I don’t have a ticket number. The original ticket (29608) was closed because the problem was remotely solved. The following week the problem returned and I tried to contact Irving through support@pimaxvr.com. I wanted to try to reset the headset myself with his help. Instead they told me to ship the headset to sweden. Later I was followed by Inda.

Today I received the usual email where they tell me that the headset has been sent but amazon does not update the logistics information.
I am without 8kx for two months now :_(

So, @hammerhead_gal, can you provide us some hard data like the packet ID or when at the latest we will get an update? When can Fabiom and I expect (a hard date pls) the delivery or at least the dispatch?

Pimax shipped today with UPS from Sweden !!!
Thanks everyone, it seems we have solved it.


Nice to hear. No info update for me yet. No email response, no response in this thread.

nice, I got an update, UPS got pickup request and I got an ID.

Does yours also come from sweden? From Amazon I would have been more serene, from Sweden I am a bit worried. I would not like it used …

The package was supposed to arrive on Thursday 1st September … delivery rescheduled for Monday 5th September. Another weekend without a headset … it’s incredible…

UPS updated me on Sunday that it has been dispatched. It arrived today (I wasn’t at home, they simply dropped it in front of my door… 1.500€ value). So it went really fast then. I got the 8KX. Nice to have it back and I cross my fingers for you!

So, Pimax / Hammerhead_gal, thanks that you took care. I don’t know why Fabioms and my emails didn’t reach you, but you showed that you take customer complaints serious!

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I’m Italian. Can I ask you which country are you from? Is the headset they delivered to you new?
…The package appears to still be in Jarfalla, Sweden :roll_eyes:

this is UPS : UPS | Leggi le recensioni dei servizi di www.ups.com | 2 di 24

I am from Germany, so 1000km closer. It’s a brand new one and it goes up to 120Hz. I cant complain about UPS service in Germany, generally.

“scarso”… I dont have to google this! Best luck, man!