Pimax 8kx right screen flickering

so I’m wondering if anyone else has this problem , Ive always stayed up to date with my NVidia drivers and doing so I released after going to 516.xx drivers my right display has a flickering right by the nose area and when this is happening the 3d image is off like the right screen isn’t display on 3d , its very noticeable . after hard diagnose i realized it only happens on drivers 516.xx, then i reverted back to 512.xx and it stop doing the flickering , i contated pimax they said there looking in to it , but keep in mind it just didn’t start with 516.xx because it was working fine for awhile until couple months ago on those drivers , before releasing it had something to do with the driver i tested my cables , i been using the fiber 6ft cable with out ever touching the stock one it came with and nothing fixed it besides reverting back to 512.xx drivers, now what’s the problem i purchased a RTX trio 4090 with the new 522.25 drivers and it came back , unplayable can someone please help if they might know what’s going on , its very frustrating ,
oh and I also tried all the different pitools , with same problem


HI Mike,
Thank you for your feedback,
You may need to submit a ticket to our helpdesk…Our technician is ready to provide assistance to you, and the team will test it.

OMG I have exactly the same thing hapenning. :-/ nvidia 511.23 drivers work perfectly, anything after that it is back. I have 4090 in the mail (2 days away) and I am afraid like you the issue will remain.

Do you have by any chance, a small ipd and a older nvidia gpu ?
I had this om my 2080 from gainward as well, its gone with testing firmware and a 4090.

Try movin the displays ipd physically with the weel, and have a look, if this does something.
You got my interest !

No, I am currently on ASUS 3090 with 63.7mm IPD. I will try to play with the IPD.

SOLVED: You need a firmware version 2006, which fixes the issue, best sourced from Pimax Support. I also upgraded to PiTool 281 beta.

This also fixes 120Hz mode! This is the best firmware for 8kx headsets with 2076* serial versions.

I’m a little bit confused… owning a Pimak 8 KX DMAS for 1.5 weeks now and after some installation issues i got it running but with many problems.
I also see screen flickering/flashing. Also sound is not working on my VR headset. Ticket is already open but without success so far.
I’m using it with a RTX 4090 and Nvidia driver 522.25. When i read now “solved with firmware version 2006” i’m wondering where to get this version… The new Pimax Client showed me 2002 (and i did this upgrade) while PI Tool checked with 2001 and says that this is the latest version.

It looks to me that also at Pimax Support nobody knows what to do. You always get “l´please update this” and “send logfile”. Last firmware upgrade with dfu crashed my complete PC.

Unfortunately there seems to be no download side avaialble which shows clearly all versions with a list of bugfixes.

there is a topic somewhere on this forum, were some peraon (dont know the name now) did upload all versions.

you have to search for that b your self.

I do know that problem.
did you tty to run the device on a lower fov and or refresh rate ?

On my end changing from the copper cable to fibre fixed the sound and screen problems.

Mind to share your system specs ? On a 4090 this should not be a thing, running it native.

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