Pimax 8KX question

Is it possible to do a loan of a 5K or 8K until the 8KX is out? I am interested in doing this. I have heard talk that this might be possible

If your an 8k-X backer. Yes. Otherwise pimax did say they might be able to upgrade your 8k to an 8k-X when released as a consumer product. But would need to send headset in to be upgraded.

5k+ to 8k-X? Nothing was said about this. Of course upgrading will cost.

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Just curious. If this is the case I would be willing to upgrade to the 8KX. Maybe I will email them, thanks.

The 8k-X is a limited 400 run. So if all 400 backed then no; it is unlikely to be able to upgrade pledge (plus ks closed long ago)

Ah yes, I forgot about that. Thanks for reminding me. That would get expensive letting people move to that.

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