Pimax 8KX on Thunderbolt 4?

Im looking at this new laptop…


…and it does not have a display port. It only has HDMI and a Thunderbolt 4 port. Will this work with my 8KX (using a usbc to display port adapter)?

But does the Thunderbolt 4 port even use the 3060 gpu? I always thought thunderbolt was a generic port like usb, not a display port like hdmi (connected/driven directly by the gpu)…

Can anyone clarify?

Thunderbolt can transfer DP data. The same way as USB3/DP or USB4. https://thunderbolttechnology.net/sites/default/files/thunderbolt4-comparison-chart.jpg
But it is not guaranteed to be working with 8KX. I have an MSI GS65 laptop with RTX 2080 Max-Q and while it should work via an adapter USB->DP, in reality Windows sees it as a 4K monitor, but PiTool doesn’t see it as a connected HMD.
It might work or might not. So either try before buying or buy with a right to return.

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Isn’t that just a pitool software issue though? What’s stopping pitool from “seeing” it as a HMD instead of a 4k monitor. Seems like there should be some way to manually force pitool to treat it as a HMD, even if windows claims its a 4k monitor.

It’s gonna be tricky to test this before buying, and I’m sure there will be a hefty restocking fee if I do a return…

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The issue could be that with Thunderbolt/Usb-C port is not recognized as a standard display port and needs to see what is connected to it first.

Agreed pitool could add a setting maybe to force detecting it on a port.

Give me a moment I think there is a post on Reddit that may help. Though another issue might be if it is using dual graphics like Bumblebee? With Nvidia card piping through the intel graphics.

This post has a possible solution depending on how your model handles usb-c/thunderbolt.

On the plus it does give you a laptop model that seems to work with a link to an adapter that works with it.

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Cool well that’s good to know somebody got a thunderbolt -> display port adapter to work. Although he was using a 5k, not an 8kx…

Again I think this just confirms that if it doesn’t work, it’s gotta be the fault of pitool. There just needs to be an option in pitool so you can force it to treat the device as an HMD, even if it isn’t automatically recognized. Or am I missing something?

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As he mentions it depends on how the laptop has implemented the usb-c/thunderbolt.

As for 8kX it should work depending on if the port has restrictions. @SweViver has used his 1070 laptop(real mini DP) however for limited use.

The 2070 will work for the X as long as your okay with lowering graphics setting appropriately to get needed fps that meets your acceptance.

@neal_white_iii has a factory desktop oc 2080 and can give ideas on his experience with setting compromises.

@vrgamerdude has been using the 8kX on a desktop 1080ti.

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Wait I’m confused, why are we talking about performance now? My only real concern is if it (thunderbolt 4 -> display port adapter) will “work”. Will pitool recognize it as an HMD, that’s the question. The GPU used should be irrelevant.

Are you suggesting there might be a performance hit by using thunderbolt instead of a native display port? I thought the 40gbs bandwidth of thunderbolt 4 was on par with display port (actually looks like display port is only 10gbs)?

Thunderbolt port may have bandwidth limitations due to using a converter.

DP 1.4 I believe is also 40gbs.

Thunderbolt 4 looks like it should be fine

There is nothing like “treat the device as HMD” category in Windows. What you probably mean is that it should be recognized as a “direct mode” device (that is what Nvidia calls it) and it is up to the driver to do that. The list of devices which are recognized as direct mode devices is hardcoded into the driver and only Nvidia can change that (on Nvidia cards).

Now, why the same headset is recognized as direct mode device when connected to the standard display port and not when connected to TB to DP adapter is a good question. I have no idea. It may be because the displays are presented in a different way over the TB, or the recognition does not work over TB, or some other hardware quirks or driver issues on any part - the headset, the TB port adapter, the way TB is wired to the card, the card driver, etc.


I guess the performance topic was raised, because we read “laptop RTX 3060” in the post and immediately feel that this is clearly not enough for 8KX.
Passmark G3D Mark:
RTX 3090 - 25424
RTX 3080 - 24143
RTX 2080 - 19559
RTX 3060 (desktop) - 17329
RTX 2070 - 16103
RTX 2060 - 13874
GTX 1660 Super - 12675
RTX 3060 (laptop) - 12416

I have desktop RTX 2080 and very often feel that it’s not good enough for 8KX. Luckily HL:Alyx runs at 60fps. Some ppl claim that even 3090 is sometimes not enough for 8KX, e.g. for racing or flight sims. So even if you succeed detecting HMD on that laptop, it won’t be very usable.


So do I and unfortunately, I agree. I had really hoped to have an RTX 3080 by now, but I can’t buy one at a reasonable price. Honestly, I think we need a 4080 to get the best out of an 8KX.

Lately, I’ve been using Small FOV, which provides acceptable performance in most games on my 2080.


Just to clarify again, I’m fine with ‘sub optimal’ performance, as long as I can run simple beat saber type games, and virtual desktop/virtual cinema. I just need to make sure this usbc → display port adapter isn’t going to betray me.

We know of at least one other person who used a 5k with usbc → display port, so that’s encouraging.

And the specific laptop I’m looking at…

…specifically says “1x Type C USB 4 support DisplayPort / power delivery / Thunderbolt™ 4”. I can’t imagine they would remove the display port from this entire line of gaming laptops if the thunderbolt port couldn’t do the job.

So my 8KX should connect fine with a simple usbc → display port adapter… right?

Beat saber and virtual desktop will probably work, but that’s it. And 8KX is capable of much more. For the beat saber one doesn’t need such a high end HMD.

As for the connection - it is a lottery. 50/50, will work or will not. :man_shrugging:

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You need to be careful - the usb c HAS TO be routed to the gpu. Most laptop manufacturers route it to the internal gpu. My hp omen 2020 does NOT work with a pimax 5k+ over thunderbolt 3, which supports DP 1.4.

The only way to tell this is to open Nvidia control panel and check the physx section actually. This will show you how each port is routed (to which gpu). Razer laptops actually have an internal switch you can select in the bios for USB C routing. Most manufacturers do the wrong thing in this regard.

Amazingly, even though my DP port is listed as 1.2 I can run the 5k+ on 120hz full fov. I’m pretty sure its dp1.4 and they wrote the wrong thing? doesn’t even seem possible. Getting this stuff to run on laptops, I honestly advise staying away from anything but a dedicated miniDP port unless you can check what i mentioned above in person at a best buy or similar. Right now best buy has an HP omen with a 3070 for 1600, and that has a DP port. Id do that over the TUF all day - i love asus but I’m confident the omen has a better screen too.


I´m using an adapter DP to thunderbolt 3.0 and it works fine. (I have a MSI GS75 Stealth laptop)


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