Pimax 8KX loses tracking/black screen when i touch the sides of the headset and it's driving me nuts(resolved)

The second i place my hands on the side of the headset to adjust it screen blacks out and tracking is lost.

I have two separate sets of base stations in two different rooms and i have the same issue in both play areas.

Have tried every single firmware and pitool version since i got the 8KX back in October without luck.

Any ideas? It’s unusable as it is right now :frowning:

Mine loses tracking (but doesn’t black out) if I place my hand on the front top left of the HMD - which is in direct line between the sensors and base station (mounted high and to the left front). Very occasionally it happens if I place the other hand between the right rear of the HMD and the other base station (mounted high and to the right rear). It obviously doesn’t take much to attenuate the signal from the base stations.

I find it is less likely to happen if I grasp the HMD by the lower corners, ie not occluding the direct line to the base stations. Have you tried grasping the HMD somewhere (maybe right in the middle) where you will not be blocking the signal?

Edit: I read somewhere here that there are more sensors in the back of the HMD than the front, so presumably it is easier to block the signal if you touch the front.


Almost certainly at least one of your Lighthouses is too close, in the wrong place, or having mechanical problems. Aside from placing them both at opposite corners of your ceiling, you could leave them running for a few days/weeks. They might wear themselves in.

If your problem cannot be resolved, maybe try using the headset with just one LH at a time, to find out which is more problematic, and RMA that unit.

In the past, I experienced this with my 5k+.

  • LH 1.0 units were both mounted to the front wall.

Since then, a number of things done simultaneously resolved the problem.

  • Moving both base stations to alternate ceiling corners, diagonal placement, instead of both on the front wall.
  • Base stations as far and above the headset as possible.
  • Replacement of 3 base stations so far just to get 4 working (RMA one LH 1.0 after a failure, RMA one LH 2.0 after immediate failure as published on these forums, replace one LH 2.0 after minor obstruction).

And now I do not experience such ‘grey outs’ even when deliberately trying to cover up the headset with both arms, whether using LH 1.0 or LH 2.0 .


This happens with my valve index when I have my motion rig turned on. (SFX100) It generates some emi that I have used ferrite cores to help reduce the EMI. The more ferrite cores I added, the less black outs (grey outs) I got with the index.
Pimax 8KX seems to be much better with EMI in my experience though I have heard some people complain of black outs when touching as well. Don’t know if you all have something that may generate EMI in your systems but it is worth a check.

Lighthouse placement may be an issue too as the last poster mentioned.


Indeed, EMI is one more possibility, and ferrite cores may help. My earlier experiments with ferrite cores did not consider EMI tracking problems as I do not have that problem anymore.

It’s not the lighthouses he said he’s covering up the sensors when he adjusts the headset. Mine does the same thing. You just can’t grab the sides when you adjust it, that’s where the sensors are. (On the 8kx atleast)


it’s the same on all Pimax HMD’s sensors are placed in the same spots.
I usually adjust mine with just one hand if possible.


and grab it at the center rather than the sides if possible

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Do you have screensaver enabled in Pitool ? My 8kx is also sensitive when is touched but only loose tracking or sometimes greyout after 1min .

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Yes, I understood that perfectly. So many sensors, that can work under such marginal conditions, it should be nearly infeasible to cover enough sensors with hands and arms, to stop tracking from working, even intentionally.

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There are 32 sensors on a headset (any SteamVR headset uses the same number of sensors). Pimax decided to place 6 of them in front center and remaining 26 on both sides where most of them are facing back. (https://community.openmr.ai/t/who-has-stable-lh-2-0-tracking-on-8kx/31984/260). For comparison Vive Pro has 14 sensors facing front spread over the whole front plate.

If you grab the side by both hands you limit yourself to only 6 sensors, which are not so far from each other. Adding some other issue, like unprecise sensor position, or blue cover and you are almost guaranteed to lose the tracking.


Hi N3m1c,

Have your problem been solved?
If not ,you can make a ticket in helpdesk.


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@mirage335 Where have you placed your LH 2.0 ? Mines to the left up high and I have the same problem or I just loose tracking completely.

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In front of me, far away, up high, to the right or left, if using only one LH 2.0 or LH 1.0 unit. If at all possible, using two LH units, one at each diagonally opposing top corner of the ceiling. Both my LH 1.0 ‘office’ area and LH 2.0 ‘roomscale’ area are using exactly that layout. Seems to be basically what you reportedly have, so…

Probably a mechanical issue. If your LH 2.0 is not blinking red, you indeed have it ‘left up high’, and there are no obstructions or mirrors, it may start working more reliably after ‘running through’ any mechanical defect in the bearing (one of my LH 1.0 units did that for a while before suddenly failing later and needing replacement. Obviously either way, your LH 2.0 unit may fail completely.

Frankly, tracking accuracy/precision is not a problem with LH units. Reliability may be for some unlucky folks.

@mirage335 This where I have the One Valve 2.0 Base station. I’ll have to move it again as I have “blindspots” and lose tracking.

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Sorry, worlds collided and i lost login so took a break.

Yes, you’re absolutely correct, i indeed have an SFX-100 :slight_smile:

But my motor cables are shielded from factory and that wasn’t the cause. It was due to placement, i had one directly in front of me and one in the back, after understanding the sensor placement I rearranged them to one on each side of the rig and now i got absolutely perfect tracking.

Thanks everyone for your input!


Everything in order, thanks for reaching out

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Ah, I saw that picture a while ago. I didn’t reply at the time because your room might be a bit too small to make the lighthouse work reliably. You might have better luck moving your VR workstation area further out towards the middle of the room. Strong reflections from the small bookshelf rather close to that lighthouse are also a possibility, as is a mechanical problem.

@mirage335 There’s a double bed behind the simulator rig. My bedroom is around 4m x 5m.

@N3m1c Can you show where you have placed you BS in relation to your rig Please?