Pimax 8kx kdmas 2075 nvidia 4080rtx

I have a pimax 8kx kdmas 2075 that i bought years ago.
I recently had the amd 7900xtx but it dosent work with pimax 8kx kdmas 2075 headset.
Now i have a ASUS TUF Gaming OC GeForce RTX 4080 and like to report a bug.

The problem is if i select 90hz in the pimax software then i can see steam vr but every 0,5second the image dissapear for 0,1seconds so the screen is blinking for some wird reason. But i can move my head and there is no lag… If i start example dcs world then only one vr screen is turned on and screen is still doing the above.
If i switch to 75hz then i can use vr perfectly and have no problems.

I hope pimax can fix the software or work with nvidia to make the 90hz work.

Another issue.
( in flight simulator the cockpits feel so small and its near impossible to use the GPS screen in all planes due to the size. I think its a ms flight sim issue and not a pimax one, but it would be really great if pimax somehow could help fix it…
if i usei use openvr instead of steamvr then the cockpits are more real life size since we can adjust the size of the vr image. )

( small tip regaring the pimax 8kx kdmas… I tried 3 graphics cards… the radeon 6900xt work, the radeon 7900xtx does not, and the 4080rtx only work at 75hz or lower but have awesome performance )


I have nvidia 3090 and 8kx 2075; 75Hz is fully working, but in 90Hz there are some black screen short interruptions. I think it is worst when your cable is worst. My old copper cable was damaged, and 75Hz was only that was working. Now I have optical 6m cable, it is better, but not perfect. Now 90hz works, with some interruptions. Sometimes when more blackouts, then I restart and hope I can play more.
Somehow I think that even new cable can be damaged enough to destroy 90Hz, copper or optical does not matter.