Pimax 8KX KDMAS 120hz?

Hello fellow pimaxers. I have a quick question; I have the KDMAS version of the 8KX and the serial number starts with 2076. I am a little confused because I remember reading that the DMAS with number 2076 is compatible with the new beta firmware. Supporting 120hz.

Is my KDMAS too?

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Hello @PimaxQuorra, I have an 8KX DMAS 2076 and I would like to try that firmware because I think it would be fantastic for my system to be able to configure 60 fps reprojected at 120Hz.



Okay, guys; I was lucky enough to try the new firmware and it works very well! Was able to get 115-120 fps in Half Life: Alyx on normal FOV and it was the smoothest I have experienced.

I have a 3090 but I am guessing a 4090 with a large FOV will run this on 120 hz without too many problems.

Thanks again, PimaxQuorra :wink:


Sorry to jump on this post, message also sent (DAMS 276 owner)

Quick question for those that got it to work in this tread, which version did you use.
In the Zip file we have 2 Firmware versions, one called release and one debug?

Release worked for me :+1:


So wich games do you have running on 120hz? It would be nice i think…

So far I’ve only tested Half Life: Alyx, Into The Radius and TWD: Saints & Sinners. I was able to get 115-120 fps in Alyx with normal FOV and steamvr res @90%

I guess there are many games that are able to run it in 120 hz but not the heaviest ones unless you pair it with a 4090.

My 4090 should arrive today so I think I can get those games running at 120 hz now without any issues. :+1:


Hello @PimaxQuorra , I would like to also test this new firmware to run at 120Hz. I have an 8KX 2076 series.

Hello @PimaxQuorra, I have an 8KX DMAS 2076 and I would like to try that new firmware because I think it would be fantastic to run it at 120Hz with my RTX4090.


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Hello @PimaxQuorra , I have 8KX with serial 2075*, so will be there any possibility to get more than 90Hz out of my old model? Have firmware V2.1.255.299.
Maybe we have to wait for the 12KX maybe 2 years longer… :wink:, but I don´t want to buy another 8KX.
May I ask you to do us a favor, could you maybe support us with something in between?

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Hi @PimaxQuorra,

Could you please send me this firmware ? I’d really like to gîte it a try. I’ve got a 8kx with a serial number in 2076.
Thank you so much.


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Unfortunately, the 2075 series is compatible with 90Hz at this moment.

But I will try to seek some assistance from our engineer to find out more possibilities for better refresh rate option.

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