Pimax 8KX help please

NEEd help with Pimax 8KX and MSFS2020. I cannot get it to work with MSFS. I get a Headest not detected message.I have tried Pimax assistance, no avail, read a lot on web but nothing seems to help.
Do i first open up MSFS, then Pimax, then Steam? DO i need Steam Vr at all? what is a cprrect way to start?
In Youtube, some guy doesnt use Steam Vr at all, another one says to get WMR for steam, etc…

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first pitool, then FS2020 - in FS you switch to VR.
Do not open SteamVR!!! It goes up automatic, if you switch to VR.

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did that way but i get HEADSET not detected…

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hmm… have you activated OpenXR in SteamVR?
if you cant find it in the Sttings, use SteamVR Beta. I dont know, if its integrated in Standard Version.

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If headset not detected:
SteamVR Settings → Developer → SET STEAMVR AS OPENXR RUNTIME


This guide may have some helpful info.

Feel free to each out to @hammerhead_gal & @PimaxUSA


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Do you have a Desk Top? I’m assuming that when you plug the headset into your Display Port on your GPU the headset is not being recognized. Is that correct?

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