Pimax 8kx frequently disconnect

OS : windows 10 21H1
motherboard : ASUS zenith extreme
video card : msi rtx 2080 ti lightning z
video driver : 471.68
USB hub : BENEVO BUH334 industrial USB hub
Pitool ver :

Pimax 8kx frequently disconnect

sometimes it wouldn’t reconnect successfully

USB port reset failed

left-hand side is usb3.0 port, right hand side is usb 2.0 port
(Note. when 8kx connect success, it would be usb3.0 : 4.91V/0.55A, usb2.0 : 4.99V/0.25A)

when this happened, I need to restart my computer to solve this problem


Try different USB ports on motherboard and check the drivers are up to date


sometimes, it works, but usually need to restart my computer.

even it works, 8kx usually disconnect when I play VR game.

pitool error code would be 10600 <----> 20300

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did you try to disable usb power management in windows , it can disable ports after some time, that’s actually a quite old issuue that affected oculus users back in days


Check your connection at the headset; when the cable got a bit tight- caught on the arm of my chair, it pulled the connector loose without visibly disconnecting it. It only needs to shift 1/8th of an inch to start causing problems.


Try using Pitool ver :

I was seeing a similar problem (SteamVR repeatedly couldn’t find the headset). I often had to reboot to get the headset working again. Going back to PiTool ver 270 fixed my problem. It hasn’t happened even once since I switched. This did not remove my ability to use 90 Hz refresh.


not this problem, I’m sure connection at the headset is fine

where could I find the

It sucks, I bought 8kx for 1 year, and nothing change, it is still easy to disconnect.

no new firmware, no new pitool

Still check the top connector even if seems well in place.

For pitool and firmware @Playa has an extensive collection available.



You can download v270 from here.

And this is the 90hz firmware, where you can give it a try.

If all these couldn’t resolve your problem, we do suggest you file a ticket at Support, pretty sure our tech team is ready to provide assistance.


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The pimax links for 270 are dead. That was why I posted @playa’s pimax repo.

thanks, this link works.
but My computer can’t connect 8kx with pitool ver270…

Not really readable. I see an external hub that shouldn’t be.
Have you ever plugged the HMD ALONE into an internal 3.0 hub of your PC? So also not additional to the socket on the left and / or right.

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I have tried many ways

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strange :


Does it tend to happen soon after it powers on, or after it’s gotten warmed up?


you mean computer power on or 8kx power on?

I try new firmware(v298), It seems solve the problem that computer can’t recognize 8kx.

But it is easier to disconnect than firmware v296 when I play game.

It seems that base station (htc bs v1) and controller(index controller) signals are lost and then 8kx disconnect from the computer.

although it reconnect, but it will lost signals again and disconnect…

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I meant the 8kx. I wondered if something inside the headset got unstable/loose when it got warm.

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