Pimax 8KX display flashes every second [solved]

About once per second, both displays blink off then on, sometimes instead getting brighter, then back to normal. Other than that the Pimax is working fine - I can see the moonscape, or I can run SteamVR apps, it just flashes while doing so (which is annoying, I’m trying to use Virtual Desktop to do my work in VR).

This happens on my work laptop (with an internal RTX 2060), no matter what Pitool settings I use - framerate, FOV, quality, nothing makes a difference. Pitool 275, firmware 299, nVidia driver 511.79, Pimax optical cable plugged into DisplayPort-to-USB-C adapter to laptop’s USB-C port (same adapter works fine plugged into an actual monitor’s DisplayPort). Preferred graphics processor set to “High performance nVidia”.

Does not happen on my desktop PC, Pimax headset is perfectly fine on that. Any ideas what the culprit might be?

The next thing I tried fixed it :slight_smile: I switched from the optical cable to the default cable with the extra power USB. So maybe there wasn’t enough power before…


I had the same issue with Pitool 273 / Firmware 299 but that was with the included cable.
I’m now using 275 with 299 and works both with the included cable and the optical cable.
I hear in some cases if you use those split USB cables that allow you to plug one cable into 2 ports makes things work properly.
So personally I’m considering trying that solution the next time the flashing happens.

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